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WWE NXT 06/20/12 Review

The new and improved WWE NXT for June 20th 2012 is live. In the main event Tyson Kidd takes on Michael McGillicutty. Plus Bo Dallas against Rick Victor and the Ascension against CJ Parker and Mike Dalton. Let us watch WWE NXT 6/20/12

WWE NXT 6/20/12

First the results of WWE NXT for June 20th 2012.

WWE NXT 6/20/12 Results

Bo Dallas defeated Rick Victor with the Spear.

Damien Sandow refused to wrestle against Jason Jordan due to him being an inferior opponent.

The Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron won over CJ Parker and Mike Dalton with the Downcast.

Derrick Bateman against Johnny Curtis next week.

Tyson Kidd picked up the win over Michael McGillicutty with the Dungeon Lock

WWE NXT 6/20/12 Report

New and fresh video with new and fresh faces. William Regal welcomes us to the new and improved NXT from the Full Sail Arena in Florida and brings out his commentary partner Jim Ross, thus making this the greatest commentary team in WWE today. Dusty Rhodes is the Interim NXT General Manager as well. Dusty makes Tyson Kidd against Michael McGillicutty in the main event and says what comes next will be nothing compared to the next two years.

A look at Bo Dallas, one of the newest superstars on NXT. Third generation, grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, son of Mike Rotundo(or IRS), and the nephew of Kendall and Barry Windham. Bo Dallas debuts on NXT next.

Bo Dallas defeated Rick Victor

Victor gets no intro, so we can see where his priorities are with him, although he is put over as one of the last graduates under Stu Hart in the Hart Family Dungeon. Showcase match for Dallas on the new and improved NXT. Very FCW vibe, with the crowd being only slightly more lively. Dallas hits the Spear for the pin.

Briley Pierce is out to get a few words with Bo Dallas. Dallas says that everyone will remember him by the time they are down them and they will know Bo.

A video package of Seth Rollins, who will be making his NXT debut.

Hype for Tyson Kidd against Michael McGillicutty in the main event.

A video package highlighting Antonio Cesaro.

Damien Sandow introduces himself to NXT. "What" chants, as Sandow tries to state that his opponent, Jason Jordan is an unworthy opponent. He refuses to demean himself by facing that particular ignoramus right in the ring. Sandow says he does it for the benefit and the welfare of the people. Sandow says you're welcome and the fans let him know that he in fact sucks.

A video package look at the Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron. A higher production value version of their debut promos in FCW. The Ascension will rise.

RAW Rebound featuring the end of John Laurinaitis.

The Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron defeated CJ Parker and Mike Dalton

Dalton and Parker are fresh meat for the Ascension tonight and beaten down rather handily. Vicious beating in the corner and Parker eats a jawbreaker from Conor into a flapjack from Cameron which is called the Downcast which scores the pin. Nothing much more than a glorified squash match on NXT.

A vignette for Bray Wyatt, with higher production values and it is awesome. Hopefully he will be done justice on NXT. Well I should hope the Boogey Man is real, he wrestled in WWE for years.

In a slice of NXT Past, Derrick Bateman meets Johnny Curtis in the Men's Room. Curtis is sick of being around Bateman. Next week it will be Derrick Bateman against Johnny Curtis apparently. Johnny Curtis doesn't wash his hands and wipes him on Bateman's shirt.

Tyson Kidd made Michael McGillicutty submit to the Dungeon Lock

A good match, as the more things change here on WWE NXT, the more they same the stay, with these two men adding another chapter to their historic feud. Kidd gains control early but McGillicutty beats him down. Kidd comes back and the Sharpshooter is tried but ring apron blocked. Saito Suplex sets up a Sharpshooter of his own. Perfect Plex is blocked and Kidd ends a roll up sequence with the Dungeon Look. Awesome main event match to close up things on WWE NXT.

Great main event and we'll see where the all new NXT goes in the coming weeks.  

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