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WWE RAW 06/18/12 Review

WWE No Way Out 2012 is over and that means it is time for WWE RAW on June 18th 2012. We begin the long and winding road to WWE Money in the Bank 2012. John Cena takes on the Big Show, David Otunga, and John Laurinaitis in a three on one handicap match. Let us see what Big Johnny has up his sleeve in the last match as we watch WWE RAW 6/18/12 (Or 18/6/12 for you folks outside of the United States).

WWE RAW 6/18/12

First the results for WWE RAW on June 18th 2012.

WWE RAW 6/18/12 Results

Mick Foley is in charge of RAW and Smackdown for tonight with John Laurinaitis out of the picture. Johnny comes out to announce that he made one more match before he was officially fired, Cena against Johnny, David Otunga, and the Big Show in a Three on One Handicap Match.

The WWE Champion CM Punk and the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Jack Swagger with the Zig Zag.

Paul Heyman says that Brock Lesnar declines the challenge and Triple H responds by beating up Heyman when he makes a few choice comments.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella.

In segment involving Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter, Heath Slater came out and Roddy Piper came out. It ended with an album being busted over Slater's head.

Epico and Primo defeated the Prime Time Players via countout.

The Big Show refused to compete in a handicap match, so John Cena defeated David Otunga and John Laurinaitis.

WWE RAW 6/18/12 Report

Here comes Mick Foley to fan fare. Well they are in Long Island New York for RAW. Mick will be filling in this week, as the General Manager due to Mr. McMahon firing John Laurinaitis. Foley announces CM Punk and Sheamus against Daniel Bryan and Kane. Here's Johnny. Fans are not happy to see Johnny. One more match has been made, oh that's nice, it is John Laurinaitis, David Otunga, and the Big Show against John Cena tonight. Sheamus and CM Punk walk out to get their words in on Johnny. Segment served its purpose.

CM Punk and Sheamus defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan

Starting off WWE RAW this week on the right foot with the wrestling department. Lots of action, this bout got a lot of time, and it shows what they could do with three hours, but it is evident that they would not. A.J. is on the ramp and Kane chases after her. Brogue Kick by Sheamus and it is lights out for Daniel Bryan. Sheamus and CM Punk pick up the win in the first match tonight on RAW.

Jack Swagger says Dolph Ziggler is pathetic. Because Swagger had a long epic title reign of many months compared to Ziggler's failure of a title reign. I laughed so hard, I nearly cried because these two are the two lowest World Champions in the past decade. Swagger versus Ziggler is made for tonight, because.

John Laurinaitis, David Otunga, and the Big Show plot some doom for John Cena.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Jack Swagger

Ziggler gets a win but then again, it's against Swagger, so we can't be too happy with the situation. Zig Zag scores the pin.

Here comes Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar will be not be accepting the challenge for a fight Triple H laid out last night. Triple H comes out and we have a back and forth. Heyman tries to push all of Triple H's buttons to get him to hit Heyman and eventually Triple H just pops up and knocks out Heyman with a haymaker. I'm sure a lot of this flew over the head of a lot of the little kids watching this.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella

Alberto is cleared to wrestle, which has to be the most unfortunate timing, missing his title shot by the day. Cross Armbreaker of doom finishes Santino handily.

Next segment was, well wacky. The WWE Diva's Champion Layla brings out Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper. Then out comes Heath Slater. This week, Roddy Piper shows up. And I have no idea what this segment was but I stared at the television, unable to turn away. Piper thumbs Slater in the eye and Cyndi Lauper smashes the record over his head. There you go.

Epico and Primo defeated the Prime Time Players via countout

This match was a big steaming pile of whatever. A.W. gets involved and Titus and Darren Young walk out.

Here's Johnny! Laurinaitis accuses Cena of cheating and promises to punish Cena tonight. We're all going to lose for the lack of People Power. David Otunga is out, here comes Teddy Long to join us as well, and the Big Show refuses to compete, so it will just be Otunga and Laurinaitis against Cena.

John Cena defeated David Otunga and John Laurinaitis

Cena handily wins, using the STF on Johnny. Johnny is gone for good until next week when he'll likely show up because, let's be serious now. That be the end of RAW, with John Cena winning.

The show started promising with that tag team match but it really worsened throughout the show. The last half hour or so was rather pandering. And we get three hours of RAW for a while every week. Lucky us.

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