Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WWE Series 21 Action Figures by Mattel

For years, from LJN to Hasbro to Jakks Pacific, now to Mattel, WWE Action figures have been beloved and collected by members of the WWE Universe of all ages for years and years to come. In Mid July, the WWE Series 21 from Mattel will be hitting the streets, and it has a unique collection of WWE Superstars of all types. Let's take a look at WWE Series 21 from Mattel.

WWE Series 21 from Mattel

Going down the pre-order list on Ringside Collectables, we once again shatter the myth that action figures of female characters do not sell, as we have Beth Phoenix who is not only on back order but also another forty dollar female. Who would pay such an amount of money for an action figure, who knows, but hey if you don't have a Beth Phoenix action figure and decide that you want this one, it is going to be this one.

R-Truth is another action figure in this series for WWE from Mattel. Little Jimmy is included if you assume that he is. Granted considering that Little Jimmy is invisible, you would never know for sure.

The Miz is an action figure. Really nothing witty to say about that one. Likely if you've been collecting recently you have a Miz figure or two.

Mason Ryan action figure for WWE. Yeah, Mason Ryan has an action figure. A peg warmer if you have know one. Who would buy a Mason Ryan WWE action figure? Well I would, given that during the highest point of my action figure collecting, I would purchase one, because I always had to have everyone.

Speaking of lowly jobbers, it is Jack Swagger ladies and gentlemen. Really nothing more to say about that one.

Rounding out the set, the Big Show. The Big Show has been a staple of WWE action figures, so if you are a long term collector, you might have a few of them.

This set of WWE Action Figures is a bit weaker than Series 21, but they cannot all be winners. Seriously, Mason Ryan?  

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