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Impact Wrestling 07/19/12 Review

Impact Wrestling for July 19th 2012 featured the return of Open Fight Night. The show was headlined by Austin Aries against Bobby Roode. Plus more matches in the Bound for Glory Series and Aces and Eights take center stage. Let us watch Impact Wrestling 7/19/12 for all of the action.

Impact Wrestling 7/19/12

First the results for Impact Wrestling 7/19/12.

Impact Wrestling 7/19/12 Results

Samoa Joe defeated D'Angelo Dinero.

Robbie E defeated Jeff Hardy via countout.

Ken Anderson defeated AJ Styles.

Daniels pinned Rob Van Dam.

Bully Ray defeated Magnus

TNA Champion Austin Aries battled Bobby Roode to a no contest.

Impact Wrestling 7/19/12 Report

We see an update last week where "Aces and Eights" beat up Sting and Hulk Hogan. They suffered injuries in the attack.

James Storm is out, vows to win the Bound for Glory Series and calls out Kurt Angle. No Angle, as he is being beaten down in the back by the masked men, this Aces and Eights faction.

Samoa Joe called out D'Angelo Dinero for their Bound for Glory Series match.

Samoa Joe defeated D'Angelo Dinero via submission.

Here we go, Samoa Joe continues to roll through the Bound for Glory Series, avenging his dismal performance from last year. He catches Pope and makes him submit.

Bobby Roode talks about his match with Austin Aries.

Robbie E defeated Jeff Hardy via countout in the Bound for Glory Series.

Well I'll be, Robbie E actually gets on the board in the Bound for Glory Series. Match was there. Hardy misses a move and gets in a scuffle with Robbie T. Countout and Robbie E gets two points.

ODB and Eric Young, apparently Young was sent for beer and wings months ago but a series of misadventures involving his new show, a shark, and a cell phone put a stop to that.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will continue to prove AJ Styles is not the man he says he is, as the situation involving Claire Lynch.

Sam Shaw is the next contestant in the Bound for Glory Series but he gets beaten down by the Aces and Eights. Thanks for playing, Sam.

Mr. Anderson calls out AJ Styles for their match in the Bound for Glory Series.

Mr. Anderson pinned AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series.

Some decent action, not the best but they got some time and entertained, so we cannot fault them for any of that. Intense back and forth action, with Anderson pulling out a roll up for the pin to net himself some points.

Claire is out to accuse AJ Styles of their little night. And she brings photographic proof. Its a wonder what one can do with Photoshop, just saying.

Daniels pinned Rob Van Dam in the Bound for Glory Series

Fun little sprint of a match, with Daniels picking up the win in the Bound for Glory Series. Rolling Thunder does not find the mark. Rather, Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever. Not long, but had some good action on Impact Wrestling.

Austin Aries cuts a promo but the Aces and Eights have left their calling card.

Brooke Hogan is upset about the beating her father suffered.

Joseph Park and Garrett Bischoff have a chat last week. Park seems to not be ready to answer about the Black Hole Slam.

Bully Ray defeated Magnus in the Bound for Glory Series

Another fun match between Bully Ray and Magnus in the Bound for Glory Series. Magnus gets some offense but makes a mistake. Bully Ray brings him down with the Bully Cutter and seven points.

Sam Shaw gets another shot and Chavo Guerrero is in action next week.

TNA Champion Austin Aries battled Bobby Roode to a no contest.

Pretty good stuff as per usual between these two men. Maybe not up to the Destination X caliber but still pretty good. The ending came when Aces and Eights ran out and beat up Aries and Roode. No one was left to make the same.

I'm reserving judgment on the Aces and Eights thing, providing the payment is good. Another solid episode of Impact Wrestling tonight.

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