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WWE Superstars 07/19/12 Review

WWE Superstars 7/19/12 featured Sin Cara against Drew McIntyre in the feature bout. Plus, Santino Marella meets Jinder Mahal, Alex Riley hits the ring against Cody Rhodes, and the Usos team up to take on two former rivals in Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis. Time to tune in and watch WWE Superstars 7/19/12 for all of the action.

WWE Superstars 7/19/12

First WWE Superstars Results on July 19th 2012.

WWE Superstars 7/19/12 Results

WWE United States Champion Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal.

Cody Rhodes pinned Alex Riley with the Cross Rhodes.

The Usos defeated Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman.

WWE Superstars 7/19/12 Review

Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal

Why are you on every single show I watch today, Jinder? At least he's not on TNA. Santino teases the Cobra but Jinder beats him up. Cobra wins anyway. Santino is entertaining but I'm not feeling that one.

RAW expands to three hours. DOOM!

Cody Rhodes defeated Alex Riley

Riley and Rhodes hit the ring on WWE Superstars. The result is a pretty fun match here on this show. Rhodes gets the heat, but Riley makes a comeback. The usual offense from Riley but the fireman's carry is countered and Rhodes snaps off the Cross Rhodes. Cody Rhodes picks up the win on WWE Superstars.

A look at John Cena's road to Money in the Bank and asking for his match with CM Punk next week, cashing in on his Money in the Bank.

The Usos defeated Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis

Bateman and Curtis apparently patched up their differences after NXT Season 5. Johnny Curtis mocks the Uso's dancing and gets slapped for his trouble. Jey Uso is beaten in the ring but hot tag to Jimmy who runs wild. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop right into a Superfly Splash to score the pin on Johnny Curtis. The Usos pick up the win on WWE Superstars.

No Holds Barred for the first time on DVD.

Recap of Daniel Bryan's proposal of A.J. on Monday. The wedding this Monday.

Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre

Sin Cara hits the ring with McIntyre trying to prove something. Sin Cara gets the early lead but McIntyre takes advantage with a sick swinging power bomb right into the barricade. McIntyre beats up Sin Cara but tries for the mask. That costs him as Sin Cara hits a spinning DDT to pick up the win. Sin Cara gets the win in the main event. Solid encounter as usual.

Sin Cara against McIntyre and Riley against Rhodes makes the July 19th 2012 edition of WWE Superstars enjoyable.  

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