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ROH Wrestling 06/30/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling is live on June 30th 2012. One on one tonight, we will see Charlie Haas take on Jay Briscoe in a Texas Death Match. Plus high impact, high octane action, featuring Mike Mondo taking on the former ROH Champion Davey Richards and three other men step inside the Proving Ground when Roderick Strong takes on Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and BJ Whitmer. Let us watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/30/12 and take a look at all of the results.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/30/12

First the results for Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 30th 2012.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results 6/30/12

Mike Mondo battled Davey Richards to a time limit draw.

Adam Cole won a Proving Grounds Match over BJ Whitmer, Kyle O'Reilly, and ROH Television Champion Roderick Strong.

Jay Briscoe defeated Charlie Haas in a Texas Death Match.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Report 6/30/12

Hype for Charlie Haas against Jay Briscoe and we're taking it old school tonight with a Texas Death Match here tonight on Ring of Honor Wrestling.

Mike Mondo talks some trash, questioning the validity of Davey Richards being the Best in the World. I do that a lot as well.

Mike Mondo battled Davey Richards to a Time Limit Draw

Shockingly good match, but television does tend to do wonders in reigning in some of Davey's more bothersome tendencies. Not all of them, but still, pretty decent all things considered. Richards has Mondo in the Ankle Lock but time limit. Five more minutes are wanted but Mondo bails. If Davey Richards is on the undercard feuding with Mike Mondo, then the shows can only improve by osmosis. Plus he made no bones about the fact that he's going to get out of the wrestling business by the end of 2013, so why even bother. Have him elevate some new stars.

Adam Cole picked up the win over ROH Television Champion Roderick Strong in a Fatal Four Way Match that also included Kyle O'Reilly and BJ Whitmer.

I'm sure many long term fans of ROH let out a hearty bit of rage when they saw BJ Whitmer rise back up from the depths of obscurity. I remembered when he was rather hated by the ROHbots back in the day. I saw him as decidedly average(other then the stuff with Jimmy Jacobs, which was awesome), but not really worth such of score. Match was fine, this sets up Adam Cole's continued push, one of the better young prospects ROH has and he pins Strong with a roll up.

Time for a Texas Death Match. The best way to describe this one to newer fans is a last man standing match, only you have to pin the opponent first.

Jay Briscoe defeated Charlie Haas

Fall one ends with Briscoe getting a quick sunset flip but naturally not enough for the ten count. Back and forth for a while, before Haas hits a nasty belly to back on the railing and that pins Briscoe, but he struggles to his feet before ten. Haas pulls out a Northern Lights and another pin but Jay is up again. They battle through a commercial break, before Haas tries to go all Smokey Mountain Wrestling on Briscoe, bringing him the ether. Briscoe foils this and nails Haas in the head with the metal can to score the pin. And the ten count.

Good show this week, heavy on the action, as Ring of Honor is in between Pay Per Views.

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