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FCW Wrestling 07/01/12 Review

Florida Championship Wrestling for July 1st 2012 was headlined by Conor O'Brian taking on Brad Maddox. Plus Summer Rae has a huge announcement later tonight. Let us take a look at the future stars of WWE today on Florida Championship Wrestling, as we watch FCW 7/1/12.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/1/12

First the results of Florida Championship Wrestling for July 1st 2012.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/1/12 Results

Rick Victor pinned Jiro with a double underhook power bomb.

Big E. Langston defeated Jason Jordan with the Big Ending

Erick Rowan defeated Adam Mercer.

Audrey Marie defeated Paige via disqualification when Paige was disqualified for being too agressive.

Conor O'Brian defeated Brad Maddox

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/1/12 Report

Hype by Chris Russo and Bryon Saxton for the main event of Conor O'Brian against Brad Maddox.

Rick Victor defeated Jiro with a double underhook power bomb

I believe we're into the final FCW taping at this point, although they are still running house shows. However, given that NXT is essentially FCW now with slightly higher production values, it is just as well. Match was there, a developmental match. Rick Victor is a solid wrestler, but being a solid wrestler means little in this day and age. Double underhook power bomb picks up the win over Jiro after a missed moonsault. Opening match on Florida Championship Wrestling wasn't necessarily bad but it merely existed.

Big E. Langston defeated Jason Jordan

This was um a spectacle to say the very least on Florida Championship Wrestling. We had around eight or nine minutes or so of Jason Jordan working over Big E Langston's arm. Over and over and over and over and over, armbar after armbar, after arm hold, Codebreaker to the arm even. Then Big E. fought out and hit the Big Ending out of nowhere for the pin. That was one of the more boring matches on FCW in a while, even without the dead crowd.

Richie Steamboat cuts a promo, hyping another match with Antonio Cesaro next week to propel himself to stardom in WWE. I have no problems with that one.

Summer Rae is out to talk about the Summerslamarama tour and also in two weeks, one on one, the return match we've been all been waiting for, over eight months in the match, Dean Ambrose takes on William Regal. Then Leakee is brought out to make his return. Leakee says that his return will be straight on his time and says that he appreciates the little things right in life right about now.

Erick Rowan defeated Adam Mercer

Bit longer than the Rowan squash last week but the same net result. Rowan destroys Mercer, who was getting quite the hype up a few months back handily with the Choke Slam.

Antonio Cesaro cuts a promo, mocking Richie Steamboat, saying that he is a Smackdown Superstar and Steamboat is not on his level. He's holding nothing back this time.

Audrey Marie defeated Paige via disqualification

Pretty aggressive Divas match on Florida Championship Wrestling that was fun right until the finish. Paige has lost her mind apparently and begins kicking Audrey over and over again in the corner, until the referee disqualifies her. I'm not a fan of that finish. Decent match otherwise. Paige beats on her some more after the match.

Conor O'Brian defeated Brad Maddox

Maddox tries to escape but is blocked by Kenneth Cameron. Some brief offense by Maddox but Conor goes nuts with a series of shoulder blocks before hitting a big boot and scoring the pin.

Not the best show for Florida Championship Wrestling but next week, is Cesaro against Steamboat and in two weeks, Ambrose against William Regal. So long from the Sunshine State.

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