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TNA Destination X Review

TNA Destination X 2012 took place on July 8th 2012 and was headlined by TNA Champion Bobby Roode defending against the number one contender Austin Aries. Plus Kurt Angle takes on Samoa Joe in the Bound for Glory Series, AJ Styles tries to settle the score with Christopher Daniels in a Last Man
Standing Match, and a new TNA X-Division Champion will be crowned. Let us watch TNA Destination X for all of the action and highlights of this Pay Per View.

TNA Destination X 2012

First the results of TNA Destination X 2012.

TNA Destination X 2012 Results

Mason Andrews defeated Dakota Darsow, Lars Only, and Rubix.

Mason Andrews pinned Kid Kash.

Kenny King defeated Douglas Williams.

Sonjay Dutt pinned Rasham Cameron with a moonsault double foot stomp.

Zema Ion pinned Flip Cassanova.

Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle with the Rear Naked Choke.

AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing Match with a Super Styles Clash.

Zema Ion defeated Kenny King, Mason Andrews, and Sonjay Dutt in Ultimate X to win the X-Division Match.

Austin Aries pinned Bobby Roode to win the TNA World Championship.

TNA Destination X 2012 Review

Mason Andrews defeated Dakota Darsow, Lars Only, and Rubix

A second chance style match with the people who did not get in the tournament for a spot in the tournament kicks things off. Action was fine, although Rubix should have won but what are you going to do? Neckbreaker gets the pin for Andrews on Lars Only and Mason Andrews wins a match with Kid Kash.

Mason Andrews defeated Kid Kash

Andrews is 2-0 tonight as he continues through the X-Division Title. Kash made him look rather well during this match, I have to say. Money Maker is countered and roll up gets the pin.

Samoa Joe talks, potentially jinxing Austin Aries by picking him to win and also he has to face Kurt Angle.

Kenny King pinned Douglas Williams to advantage in the X-Division Tournament

Pretty good stuff, although King outside of a tag team setting is a bit shaky. I think that Williams did good in righting the ship right now. Good stuff right now, with King snapping off a spinebuster type move to score the pin and advantage right into the tournament.

Christopher Daniels talks about how he is going to punish AJ Styles for what he did.

Sonjay Dutt pinned Rashad Cameron

Sonjay is insane and he rightfully wins. That moonsault double foot stomp, I think could kill someone if not timed properly. Or stomp their face into dust, whatever is worse. Still Sonjay Dutt is the third man to advance.

Jesse Sorenson is out for the first time since his injury. He vowed to come back. Well that's his choice, but I'm not sure it's the smartest idea. He will win the X-Division Title by Destination X 2013, maybe from Zema Ion, the man that put him out. Ion has a moment with Sorenson, as Ion never called Sorenson when he hurt him. So yes, they're building a storyline out of this. Worse things have happened in wrestling, so I cannot feel outrage any longer at something like that.

Zema Ion defeated Flip Casanova

Match was not the disaster waiting to happen, but it was short. Ion hits a modified power bomb and is the final man in with Mason Andrews, Kenny King, and Sonjay Dutt.

Bobby Roode rips into the X-Division, saying that Aries will fail and his match is the one that matters.

Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle with the Rear Naked Choke

It should come to little surprise, that these two had a good match, perhaps not good as their 2006 match but it had its moments. Angle was trapped in the Choke and passed out. Samoa Joe is the winner and the man who was the bottom of the listing of the Bound for Glory Series is really rolling forward, what a difference a year makes.

AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing Match

Not as good as Bully Ray against AJ Styles, not as good as some of their previous matches, but still pretty good to say the very least. Kazarian gets involved. Super Styles Clash puts down Daniels and Styles beats the count. One would assume that this feud would be over, but going with that assumption can be faulty given the history of this particular feud.

Austin Aries promises to win the title.

Zema Ion defeated Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt, and Mason Andrews in the Ultimate X Man to win the X-Division Title.

There were some fun moments in this one. Sadly Sonjay Dutt was taken out, with an injury but came back. Obviously for storyline potential, Ion did kind of had to win, but I would have preferred Dutt or King to win. Regardless, Ion grabs the belt and is the new champion.

After the match, Zema Ion dedicates his win to Jesse Sorenson. What a heel!

Austin Aries wins the TNA World Title over Bobby Roode

An awesome match and given the set up, this is the only right result. Unlike the other two times where TNA bumbled with the right booking decision over the past year. In the end, the brain buster gets the pin and we have a new TNA World Champion tonight at Destination X.

A good show, one of the better ones of the year for TNA. Of course, there is a chance that Aries loses the belt on television or next month, but we had our moment.

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