Sunday, July 8, 2012

ROH Wrestling 07/07/12 Review

Tonight on Ring of Honor Wrestling on July 7th 2012, we will see the Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen defend his title against the former champion Eddie Edwards. Plus, Jay Lethal takes on Michael Elgin. Let us not waste any time and let us watch Ring of Honor Wrestling for July 7th 2012.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 7/7/12

Let us first run down the Ring of Honor Wrestling Results for July 7th 2012.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results 7/7/12

Jay Lethal pinned Michael Elgin after botched interference from Roderick Strong

Kevin Steen pinned Eddie Edwards to retain the Ring of Honor Championship.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Report 7/7/12

Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin have words before their match tonight on Ring of Honor. There is some tension in the House of Truth, between Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong.

Jay Lethal pinned Michael Elgin

Solid match here right on Ring of Honor Wrestling. Elgin continues to do well right on this show, improving but it does help that he was in the ring with Jay Lethal. Strong and Elgin get into a snipe fight and Jay Lethal nails the Lethal Injection to pick up the pin. After the match, Strong and Elgin bicker with each other and Elgin threatens harm upon Roderick.

Inside Ring of Honor showcases the Briscoes meeting and greeting with the ROH fans and then Paradyse and Chris Silvio show up. This leads to the Briscoes beating them.

Before our Ring of Honor Wrestling Championship match, Kevin Steen is out, as the fans are chanting "Mr. Wrestling". So still a babyface. Steen and Jim Cornette have a back and forth and Cornette doesn't like Steen as champion. Steen says that they'll both be dead soon, which given the fact that this is the wrestling business, a good chance. Steen says it will be sooner and he'll go and defend his Ring of Honor Championship against Eddie Edwards in the mean time.

Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards to retain the Ring of Honor Championship

Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino are out there with Steen and this is Steen's second title defense of the ROH Championship on Television/Pay Per View. There was some good actions, but some moments that were so indicative to the excessive ROH main event style that it made me want to facepalm. Sometimes less is more. Not as bad as Davey at his most absurd. F-5 gets the pin for Steen. Good stuff if a bit insane in places.

Solid episode of Ring of Honor, even if we're in kind of a lull right now.

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