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Impact Wrestling 08/16/12 Recap

Impact Wrestling for August 16th 2012 continued the Aces and Eights drama and had the fallout to Hardcore Justice. Three matches featured in the Bound for Glory Series and a Knockout's Championship return match. The Wrestling Emporium will run down the events of Impact Wrestling 08/16/12(or 16/08/12) on Spike TV.

Impact Wrestling 08/16/12 Recap and Results.

Austin Aries opened the show with a promo. He vowed to be the champion until Bound for Glory and retain against the winner of the Bound for Glory Series. Jeff Hardy walked out and had a bone to pick with Aces and Eights for when they cost him the match at Hardcore Justice. Then Bully Ray walked out and pointed the finger of blame at James Storm. Almost like he had diverted the attention away from himself. Like many bullies do, so brilliant logic here on TNA's part.

Bully Ray vowed to win the championship. Aries retorted he already made Bully Ray tap out and will do so again. Aces and Eights popped right out and taunted everyone. The opening segment worked well.

Samoa Joe defeated Magnus in the Bound for Glory Series. Joe worked over Magnus and locked on the Clutch. Magnus tried the Bret Hart and Stone Cold counter from Survivor Series 1996 but Joe reversed that into the pin. The Samoan Submission Machine received seven points in the Bound for Glory Series.

Joe got nailed with a chair after the match. Magnus wailed on him after his loss.

Madison Rayne bragged about her latest Knockout's Championship win. Brooke Hogan demanded she make her way to the ring.

Madison Rayne walked out next with the championship belt. Brooke came out and declared that Earl Hebner had been banned from referee Knockout Matches. Also, Miss Tessmacher got her return match with a special referee who will make her debut tonight.

Sting called out Aces and Eights for Open Fight Night.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels had a back and forth. There will be a paternity test for Claire's baby should Daniels win. This storyline now has convinced me that either Daniels is the father or there is no baby.

AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels in the Bound for Glory Series. We have seen this match about a million times in the last year but both competitors still bring the goods. Kazarian got involved but was foiled. Then Styles nailed Daniels with the Pele to score the pin just like that.

Styles Clash put the Exclamation Point on Daniels after the Match.

Hulk Hogan told Sting he'll be in the house for Open Fight Night and ready to fight.

James Storm promised he would make sure Aces and Eights do not interfere.

Out comes Bobby Roode who is incensed that he lost to Austin Aries. He was so upset that he eventually walked out. The situation with this Roode and Aries storyline will continue before too long.

There will be another Gutcheck challenge. I bet whoever loses. Or they might not.

Taryn Terrell or Tiffany formally of ECW fame and the reason why Drew McIntyre is getting buried in WWE, is the newest addition to TNA and the special guest referee for the Knockout's Championship Match.

Miss Tessmacher regained the TNA Knockout's Championship over Madison Rayne. No Earl Hebner so Madison really did not have much of a chance. Tiffany called the match right down the middle. This battle contained the usual fare between the Knockouts. Tessmacher hit her faceplant and for the second time, she's the champion.

Aces and Eights threatened to show up at Open Fight Night.

Jeff Hardy pinned Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series. We had a fair main event. Action was rather decent. Aces and Eights run out but AJ Styles and Austin Aries cut them off. Jeff Hardy nailed the Swanton Bomb on Bully Ray, the second one in the match to gain the seven points.

After the match, James Storm ran in and went for the Last Call on Bully Ray. In horrific fashion, he nailed Jeff Hardy.

Aces and Eights leader has to be one of five potential suspects.

1) Eric Bischoff.
2) Jeff Jarrett.
3) Bully Ray
4) Eric Young
5) It's got to be....RED HERRING!

Okay the last two are joke guesses but that's what I had to say. IMPACT was a good night of action.

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