Friday, August 17, 2012

WWF Heat 03/07/99 Revew

WWF Sunday Night Heat for March 7th 1999 was headlined by a main event of the Big Bossman against Al Snow. Plus the Rock had words for both the Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin three weeks before Wrestlemania XV. The run down of the WWF Attitude Era Series continued with WWF Sunday Night Heat on March 7th 1999.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 115: WWF Sunday Night Heat 03/07/99.

The Rock has come back to Sunday Night Heat. The Corporate Champion ran down both Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Big Show. Rock said Big Show is in Stone Cold's pocket. Rock will lay the smackdown on Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XV. This opening segment set up the upcoming World Wrestling Federation Championship Match.

Howard Finkel stooged out the Rock to the Big Show.

The Acolytes and Public Enemy battled to a no contest. This bout is the famous match where the Acolytes utterly destroyed Public Enemy. Public Enemy are stiffed. The match ended as Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge were utterly buried.

An Olympic Gold Medalist by the name of Kurt Angle showed right up in the crowd. This episode of Heat was the first WWF/WWE appearance of Kurt Angle.

Fink informed the Rock that Big Show is looking for him. The Great One vowed to find him first.

Road Dogg pinned Jeff Jarrett. Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett always had great chemistry. The Blue Blazer rushed out and attacked Jarrett. The Blue Blazer on this night was D'Lo Brown. Road Dogg picked up the pin over Jeff Jarrett on Sunday Night Heat.

Goldust and Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis and Billy Gunn. The wacky mismatched tag team partners who do not get along are presented on Heat. Goldust caught Venis up top and nailed a superplex in under a minute. Billy Gunn and Val Venis brawled with each other after the fact.

The vignette with the Mean Street Posse was shown once again.

Tiger Ali Singh called Kurt Angle into the ring and offered him five hundred dollars to blow his nose into the American Flag. Angle looked like he was going to do it. Then he switched into the Indian Flag and beat up Singh. Your Olympic Hero gave his first beatdown in the World Wrestling Federation. Heat featured a nice debut for Kurt Angle.

Big Bossman pinned Al Snow. Snow got some offense but Bossman hit the Bossman Slam for the pin. Snow and Bossman would have better matches. The Acolytes run out but Big Bossman had the nightstick. Even two powerful men like Bradshaw and Faarooq are not above getting some hard times.

The Rock and the Big Show had their confrontation. Show accused the Rock of being paranoid. Then Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hit. The glass crashed and Rock sent Show after Austin. Austin snuck in through the back, as you might expect and Stone Cold Stunner to the Rock. Rock was laid out.

Heat had some good storylines and weak matches. The WWF Attitude Era Series will continue with Part 116, when Mankind took on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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