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ROH Boiling Point Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling Presented Boiling Point from the Providence Civic Center on August 11th 2012. The main event of this show was headlined by Kevin Steen against Eddie Kingston for the Ring of Honor Championship. The Wrestling Emporium has the rundown and results of this IPPV event right now.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Boiling Point Recap and Results.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness as always are your commentators for Ring of Honor.

Roderick Strong took on Mike Mondo in the opening match.

Boiling Point kicked off with a solid opening match. Granted, a lot of the stiff strikes throughout this match tended to be a bit much, but overall, a good opening match. Roderick pulled out the NO Lock at one point. Of course, Daniel Bryan would still be more over than this entire roster. Strong hit his Fireman's Carry Gutbuster to score the pin.

Roderick Strong pinned Mike Mondo with the Fireman's Carry Gutbuster.

Next, we have a four way match for a contract.

Antonio Thomas, Matt Taven, QT Marshall, and Vinny Marselgia battled for a Ring of Honor Contract.

For four relative unknowns, they actually engaged the crowd and put on a good match. Okay, Thomas was in WWE, but who remembers that? Of course, four guys in the preliminary match doing all kinds of insane spots kind of really put a bad taste in my mouth, but that's ROH for you. I think we all know what this promotion is by now. Marshall got the pin and the contract with a running neckbreaker.

QT Marshall defeated Matt Taven, Antonio Thomas, and Vinny Marselgia to earn a ROH contract.

We are ready for the Proving Grounds Match. Brutal Bob Evans took on Adam Cole previously on Ring of Honor Wrestling.

Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole took on Brutal Bob Evans in the Proving Grounds Match.

This match did not need ten minutes at all. Match dragged and the crowd seemed to hate a lot of it. Evans got superkicked in the knee and put in the figure four leglock for the submission.

Adam Cole made Brutal Bob Evans submit to the Figure Four Leglock.

Mike Bennett came out with Maria. Bennett attacked Adam Cole. If they actually would put the Ring of Honor Television Championship on Mike Bennett, I would care more about this. Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards rushed out and made the save.

Charlie Haas took on Michael Elgin with Truth Martini.

Elgin has had some good performances in the past, and Haas when he can be bothered is decent. These two men did not click in any way whatsoever. Boiling Point really is one of the poorer efforts with matches like this. Then again, this seemed like a throw away show. Roderick Strong walked out and spit beer in Elgin's eyes. Haas managed a roll up. That finish seemed very Vince Russo to me. Ring of Honor is dragging this break up storyline between Elgin and Strong out for too long.

Charlie Haas pinned Michael Elgin with a Roll Up after Strong spit beer in his eyes.

The Briscoe Brothers against Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino are next.

The Briscoe Brothers faced off against Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino.

The Briscoes bring the entertainment as always but too many moves. Corino and Jacobs are a good team all things considered. Tag team action was good, ROH still has that going for them. Doomsday Device by the Briscoe Brothers picked up the win here at Boiling Point.

The Briscoe Brothers scored the win over Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino.

Best Two Out of Three Falls Match between Tommaso Ciampa and Jay Lethal was next. Here's another feud that's dragged on a bit too long. I'm all for long drawn out feuds, but there are times where people overdo it.

Jay Lethal faced off against Tommaso Ciampa in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match.

Cornette booked this one, as Lethal gets a lightning fast first pinfall in under two minutes with the Lethal Injection. Another case is shown of too many moves. Lethal fights the Project Ciampa a few times but Ciampa pulled it out to even up the score. Prince Nana is out and attacked RD Evans. Actually, there's a match I might be interesting in seeing. Ciampa beat up Nana and Lethal pulled out a flipping Diamond Cutter for the pin.

Jay Lethal pinned Tommaso Ciampa two falls to one in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match.

Sara Del Rey's last match before WWE is up next. Del Rey teamed up with Eddie Edwards against Maria and Mike Bennett.

Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards faced Maria and Mike Bennett in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

This mixed tag was the best match of the evening so far at Boiling Point. Mixed Tags are rather hard to do. Maria has improved a lot and worked hard, so good for her. I'm sure people will want to bash her for being just another WWE Diva, but she seemed to actually want to better herself. Plus she did not have the attitude issues the rest of the Playboy models did.

Del Rey locked on an Ankle Lock but Maria slipped out. Then Del Rey slipped Maria out of her top, underneath the ring. Well, it's not like there are not pictures out there. Eddie Edwards locked Mike Bennett right in the Ankle Lock and tapped him out.

Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards defeated Maria and Mike Bennett in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

The fans pay respect to Del Rey. ROH fan's being respectful, well good for them! Bennett covers up Maria. Some people are likely inspired to head to Google image search.

Kevin Steen defended the Ring of Honor Championship against Eddie Kingston.

Our main event right here tonight at Boiling Point and I enjoyed a lot of it but overbooking much. Steen was good in previous matches and was good, but as always, Ring of Honor took things a few steps too far. Lots of interference and run ins mucked up this match. Kingston was good as well. F6 on the chair connected but Kingston kicked out. Another F6 and Steen picked up the win.

Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Kingston to retain the Ring of Honor Championship.

Kevin Steen beat up a plant. Next Pay Per View, Steen should pull a Snitsky and punt a baby doll into the crowd or better yet, kick a puppy. He's a heel, boo him people!

Boiling Point was one of the more lackluster efforts and Ring of Honor continued to spiral off of the rails. Final Battle 2012 might be the final battle but we shall see. Mixed tag team match was the best of the night.

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