Sunday, August 12, 2012

ROH Wrestling 08/11/12 Results

Despite the Ring of Honor Wrestling Pay Per View last night, ROH Wrestling still had television last night. The Wrestling Emporium will briefly run down and discuss the results from Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair Broadcasting for this week.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 08/12/12 Results.

Kyle O'Reilly cut a promo to start the show and hyped himself up.

Kyle O'Reilly made Matt Taven submit to the Fujiwara Armbar. Taven had some moments of offense but they were blocked. O'Reilly won with a submission hold. This bout served its purpose.

Davey Richards has not been seen much since Best of the World 2012. Given rumors about Davey Richards and some recent actions on his part, we might not be seeing Davey Richards for a while. Richards was going to leave the wrestling business anyway before too long so it is just as well that he is gone.

Truth Martini introduced Rhino for the next match.

Rhino squashed Todd Sopie with the Gore. A good old fashioned squash match is needed here on Ring of Honor every now and again.

Truth Martini said all is fine in the House of Truth. Of course if one saw the Pay Per View, they understood all is not fine.

The Bravado Brothers of Harlem and Lancelot scored an upset win over Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong from the House of Truth. Elgin did not make the tag and this allowed the Bravados to score an upset victory over Roderick Strong.

Inside Ring of Honor showcased the Guardians of Truth. Also Lance Storm against Mike Bennett last week was shown and the events after that particular wrestling match.

Jay Lethal and Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions the All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino, and the Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen in the six man tag team main even match. Six man tag team matches always promise some good wrestling and this match was no exception to that rule. Wild brawl ended when Lethal hit Jacobs with the Lethal Injection.

Steen beat everyone up after the match. The dastardly trio of Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino posed with the gold after the fact.

This episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling was presented as an afterthought, even if the six man tag main event was gold.

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