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ROH Wrestling 08/04/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling for August 4th 2012 took place with a huge main event match with Lance Storm against Mike Bennett. Also, the Guardians of Truth step into the ring with the Briscoe Brothers and so much more. There is little time to waste for this week's show. Let us dive in as I watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 8/4/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 8/4/12 Recap and Results.

Tonight, Lance Storm against Mike Bennett Part Three. Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly talked up this match, and it should be an interesting one. The previous two matches were pretty good.

Truth Martini is out to hype up his managerial skills. Then he brough out the Guardians of Truth. For those who do not remember, the Guardians are the Headbangers under masks. Tonight, they have a return bout with the Briscoe Brothers.

The Guardians of Truth take on the Briscoe Brothers.

The Briscoe Brothers kicked things off with some standard tag team action. The pace quickly turned in the favor of the Guardians of Truth, when Mark Briscoe is trapped. Old school tag team psychology at its finest, with the Guardians beat down one man. They cut off the ring but Mark makes the tag to Jay. Here's Jay Briscoe as he ran through the ring, a house of fire. Yet, the Guardians managed to get back the lead. Double suplex but Mark flew in. Spear drilled one of the Guardians and Jay small packages the other one for the pin. The Briscoe Brothers picked up the win in the opening match on Ring of Honor.

The Briscoe Brothers defeated the Guardians of Truth when Jay scored the pin.

Here's Rhino and Roderick Strong, lead down to the ring by Truth Martini. Martini directs the troops. Michael Elgin refuses to get involved. The cavalry is here, as Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Jay Lethal, and the Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole rushed out to the ring. That would be an interesting eight man tag team match. The House of Truth fled the ring, now the fight was fair.

We here words from the Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen. Steen has a match upcoming with Eddie Kingston next Saturday August 11th 2012 at Boiling Point. In the end, Steen said that he will beat up Kingston. Kingston could have ruled this company by his side, but he wanted all of the glory for himself. Therefore, Steen will beat him. A good and effective promo displayed by Steen right now. Boiling Point should be an intriguing night. Providing there are no technical glitches or anything.

The other half of the Ring of Honor Championship Match, Eddie Kingston is out to talk. The current CHIKARA Grand Champion said that he's one of the few men who really can stand up and fight on his own. Kingston vowed to win the Ring of Honor Championship. He brings up the late Larry Sweeney. Hopefully that does not really go anywhere because dead wrestlers being brought up are rarely good. Kingston promised to win the belt. A good and effective effort showed by Kingston in this promo, as it hyped up the title match.

Inside Ring of Honor featured Tomasso Ciampa and who beat down Prince Nana. Nana always did get beat up. Then last week's Ring of Honor Television Championship Match between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole is replayed in the closing moments. Cole picked up the win in an epic encounter to become the new champion.

Mike Bennett, with Maria and Brutal Bob, walked to the ring to take on Lance Storm in the main event.

It is now time for the main event. This bout is the third one between Lance Storm and Mike Bennett. It is obvious Storm is being played as the superior wrestler. Bennett has some help right on his side, as Storm outclassed him with a series of high impact moves. The Prodigy shifted the balance and battered Storm. Storm fired back and several nearfalls. Bennett does an epic heel move, where he tries to beat Storm with his own Canadian Mapleleaf.

Storm escaped the hold, as if he would not. The Canadian Superstar rattled his opponent with a superplex. Bennett kicked out. Here's Bob, who interfered to trip up Storm. Then a chair is interjected right into the ring. TKO connected and Storm is dropped right on the champion. Bennett covered and scored the pin.

Mike Bennett scored the pin over Lance Storm with the TKO on a steel chair.

Maria is in the ring and Brutal Bob is in the ring. Storm won the match but now they are going to humiliate him. Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards rushed the ring for the save.

I think I had said this before but Mike Bennett is the perfect heel for a promotion like Ring of Honor. The main event was a great one.

Overall a rather solid show given by Ring of Honor this week. Boiling Point seems like an afterthought but let us hope we get a rather good show out of it. Kingston against Steen will be a barn burner at least.

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