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WWF Sunday Night Heat 2/21/99 Review

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues with WWF Sunday Night Heat on February 21st 1999. On Sunday Night Heat, we saw one on one, Viscera taking on the Big Bossman. Plus Shane McMahon defends his WWF European Championship. Let's continue with the WWF Attitude Era Series, on Sunday Night Heat for February 21st 1999.

WWF Attitude Era Series Sunday Night Heat 02/21/99

Vince McMahon is out to the ring. Mr. McMahon has a few announcements to make. First of all, he announces Paul Wight as the new special guest referee for Wrestlemania 15 with the Stone Cold Steve Austin against the Rock. Plus, McMahon is none too pleased with the Undertaker. So we will see an Inferno Match with the Undertaker taking on Kane.

Chyna is preparing Shane McMahon for his match.

Too Much of Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor and the DOA of Skull and 8-Ball defeated the Oddities of Golga, Kurrgan, Giant Silva, and George Steele.

The following eight man tag team match was not that good. It was a showcase of the DOA and Too Much. Christopher grabbed a hold of Golga's Cartman doll, which distracted them. Kurrgan is beaten down and Brian Christopher hits the Tennessee Jam for the pin.

Billy Gunn and Ryan Shamrock are backstage, making out. Oh boy, that's not going to be a good one.

The Godfather battled Ken Shamrock to a no contest.

Two weeks ago on Sunday Night Heat, Shamrock and the Godfather battled to a no contest. This time the same thing happened. Billy Gunn is out, so Shamrock beats down Gunn. The match is now thrown out. Not that there was much of a match to throw out.

Shane McMahon retained the WWF European Championship against Gillberg.

Shane calls out anyone from the back and who should answer the call but the man known as Gillberg. Gillberg enters the ring and spears Shane. Shane manages to get back on track and nails Gillberg with a belt shot for the pin.

X-Pac wants another shot at Shane. Chyna cuts him off, saying that X-Pac has to get through her first. Oh, the future irony is rather thick.

Al Snow defeated D'Lo Brown.

The time these guys got was a rather fun little bout. Snow gains a few neat moves, but Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, and Debra are all out to the ring. D'Lo is caught up in the distraction and Snow hits the Snow Plow for the pin.

Here's Mankind who finds himself down in the dumps after he lost his WWF Championship. Yet all is not lost, for if he manages to get to Wrestlemania 15 as the referee, he shall be able to succeed. First he need to start a petition.

Viscera battled the Big Bossman to a no contest.

You know, I kind of tire of these Sunday Night Heat main events ending in a no contest. The Corporation runs out and beats on Viscera. Here comes the Ministry to make the save and surround the ring with fire.

The Undertaker pops up at the end of Sunday Night Heat. He gives a message to Mr. McMahon, a message of doom.

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