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WWE RAW 03/01/99

WWF RAW is WAR for March 1st 1999 was headlined by Stone Cold Steve Austin against Kane. Plus, Mankind squares off against the Undertaker. This report is Part 114 in the WWF Attitude Era Series and highlighed WWF RAW is WAR 03/01/99.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 114: WWF RAW is WAR 03/01/99.

WCW Nitro for March 1st 1999 was headlined with Bill Goldberg and Rick Steiner against Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell. Goldberg picked up the win over Scott Steiner. Plus, Rey Mysterio continued his giant killer storyline and defeated Bam Bam Bigelow. Ric Flair against Hollywood Hogan at WCW Uncensored 1999 was made.

WWF RAW is WAR 03/01/99 Review.

Our mandated by law twenty minute promo of death opened up the adventures of the World Wrestling Federation this week on RAW is WAR. Mr. McMahon is not happy with Kane. He tries to have the Big Red Machine committed. Chyna stepped in and convinced Mr. McMahon to give Kane one last chance. Russo's swerves are so transparent in hindsight. Stone Cold Steve Austin against Kane is announced for tonight. Promo had moments but dragged on.

Mankind showed up. He talked about his petition to be a second special guest referee. McMahon decided to take Mankind a chance, with a one on one match against the Undertaker. King of the Ring 1998 return matches in both big bouts are made tonight on RAW. Segment was fine but dragged.

Val Venis retained the WWF Intercontinental Title over Goldust and Ken Shamrock.

Goldust replaced Billy Gunn who was out with the flu. This Intercontinental Title Match was not much. Ryan Shamrock and Blue Meanie got involved. Goldust and Shamrock were both counted out and Val Venis picked up the win in the opening match.

Billy Gunn jumped Val Venis after the match, despite being sick.

Jim Ross returned from his Bell's Palsy to interview Bart Gunn. A memorable promo where things are intense, as Ross ripped into Gunn. Steve Williams entered the ring and Doctor Death laid out Bart Gunn with a backdrop driver. Ross looked crazy. This angle was pretty much done shortly but what a ride it was.

The WWF Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart called out any team to challenge for the titles. X-Pac and Triple H stormed out to accept the challenge.

X-Pac and Triple H battled WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett in a non title match.

Shane interfered during this rather good match. The match had some moments but was thrown out immediately. Ivory ran out, and D'Lo Brown got involved. Ivory stripped Debra to her bra and panties, much to the glee of Jerry Lawler.

Debra challenged Ivory to match based on the stripping moments ago. That match will take place later tonight on RAW.

Tori and Luna Vachon are out and called out Sable. The World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion Sable is out and it's a swerve. Tori turns on Luna and helped Sable beat her down. Sable Bomb drilled Luna to the mat. The champion posed.

The Rock retained the World Wrestling Federation Championship against Road Dogg.

Road Dogg is back from his injury/rehab before Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. Rock laid the Smackdown on Road Dogg. Paul Wight strolled out and headbutt helped the Rock get the heat. Rock beat down Road Dogg but he fired back. Rock Bottom caught the challenger and Corporate Elbow got the pin. The Rock kept the WWF Championship and will defend against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Good action presented tonight.

Hardcore Holly and Al Snow bickered back and forth and agreed to a fight. Crash Television presented at its finest.

Public Enemy were out for an interview. Rocco Rock is attacked, thanks to the Brood.

Hardcore Holly and Road Dogg got into a brawl backstage. This show sure has gone a million miles a minute.

Droz defeated Steve Blackman in a Singapore Cane Match.

Droz beat Blackman with the Singapore Cane and got the easy win. As a match, this was short and harmless, like a lot of the RAW matches.

An epic vignette is shown. We get our first look at the Mean Street Posse. Pete Gas, Rodney, and the mysterious Willie Green as well, who was never seen. They talked up Shane McMahon as some Chuck Norris like figure. The result was an awesome vignette from the World Wrestling Federation.

Mankind defeated the Undertaker via countout.

Vince McMahon was on commentary. His recent issues with the Undertaker are brought up. Mankind got the countout in a handy and sort match. Mandible Claw locked on on the ring apron ended with the countout. They have had better matches but Undertaker really was broken down in 1999.

Big Bossman rushed out. Bossman waffled Undertaker in the head with the nightstick and beat him down. This sets up the Undertaker against the Big Bossman at Wrestlemania 15.

Ivory battled Debra to a no contest.

RAW is WAR sure is running rather long. Jacqueline and Terri run out after this match barely started. Spike Piledriver drilled Ivory. Ivory is out in the ring. We have an actual women's division and it's built.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane had a match that never ended.

Whoever gave this one fourteen minutes should be strung up and beaten with a stick. Kane and Stone Cold brawled. This bout was not without decent moments but it dragged. Big Show ran out and accidentally kicked Kane. Austin bolted and flipped the bird. Then RAW just ended.

Well that was really not the best RAW. Not that there were not some entertaining moments.

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Part 115 with Al Snow against Big Bossman on WWF Sunday Night Heat for March 7th 1999.

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Erica Andrews said...

One thing you will notice about this episode of Raw.
Rocco Rock was "kidnapped" by The Brood. but you can see him running backstage twice during the impromptu hardcore match with Road Dogg and Hardcore Holly.. it's quite funny actually.