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WWE RAW 08/06/12 Review

WWE RAW was live on August 6th 2012, from San Antonio, Texas. Shawn Michaels is paid tribute to. Brock Lesnar and Triple H are in the house. Plus Daniel Bryan went one on one with John Cena. Among other great matches, as I report on WWE RAW for August 6th 2012 as I watched it occur.

WWE RAW 8/6/12 Recap and Results.

A.J. Lee, your new RAW General Manager, opened up the show this week. She has some big stuff planned for tonight. CM Punk stormed out, and tried to talk A.J. out of the Triple Threat Match. He was denied. Twitter vote time where Punk is to face either The Miz, Kane, or Rey Mysterio. John Cena is out during this as well. Cena did a back and forth with. Punk said that Cena could not give Big Show the Attitude Adjustment. Video evidence would state differently.

Big Show is out as well but A.J. broke that up. Tonight, John Cena faces Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton faces the Big Show. CM Punk faces the winner of the Twitter Vote.

Rey Mysterio took on CM Punk.

Good match even if we have seen in about five million times before, but they had a couple of matches in 2011 which were good. Rey brought the offense in the early stages of the match, but Punk fired back. Springboard Splash hit the knees hard when Rey staged a comeback. GTS nailed Rey and Punk pinned him. The WWE Champion CM Punk won this match, even if it was the opening bout.

CM Punk pinned Rey Mysterio with the GTS.

Recap of Brock Lesnar and Triple H, when Lesnar broke Triple H's arm from last May.

Alberto Del Rio is in the house.

Wade Barrett is about ready to return. Don't know what he is going to do, maybe pick his feud up with Orton again or feud with Sheamus over the title.

Del Rio and A.J. have a chat backstage.

Alberto Del Rio faces off against Christian.

Christian got the already in the ring treatment. I'm wondering who he pissed off. Del Rio beat down Christian right in the ring. Christian fired back. Spear avoided and Del Rio slapped on the Cross Armbreaker to Christian.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian with the Cross Armbreaker.

Sheamus hijacked Albert's car. A crime is showcased on television. I'm just saying.

Randy Orton takes on the Big Show.

Backed into a corner much are we with this match? Not really a bad match per say but it's just one of those matches where no one could do a clean job. Show and Orton were both counted out. Show goes for the knockout punch but Orton ducked it. RKO drilled Show.

Big Show and Randy Orton battled to a double countout.

The Triple H and Brock Lesnar RAW 1000 Confrontation is recapped.

Ryback takes on Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.

It is time to feed Ryback. Reks and Hawkins get some offense but are overwhelmed. Ryback hit the swinging fisherman buster of death for the pin on Reks.

Ryback defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.

Epico and Primo teamed up to take on the Prime Time Players of Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.

We do seem to have a lot of matches on this particular three hour RAW tonight. Primo is trapped in the ring and beaten down two against one. Hot tag made to Epico who runs wild. Titus O'Neil knocked to the floor and Epico nailed Darren Young with the Backstabber for the pin.

Epico and Primo defeated Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.

Damien Sandow cuts a promo, and promised to rid the world of Brodus Clay.

Sandow attacked Brodus and beat him down, so no match.

A.J. talked with Daniel Bryan. She announced Kane against Daniel Bryan at WWE Summerslam. So I guess the Charlie Sheen thing is off of the table. Then again, with Charlie Sheen you never can be certain with anything.

Kelly Kelly returned to take on Eve Torres.

After a couple of weeks, the Divas return to WWE RAW. Yet, they were hardly missed when they were gone. Kelly Kelly is back right in the ring. She pulled out the K2 on Eve to get the win.

Kelly Kelly pinned Eve Torres with the K2.

Miz is announced to take on Kane later tonight.

Alberto got his car stolen for Sheamus for those members of the WWE Universe with Short Attention Spans.

Shawn Michaels is out to cut a promo. As we know, the big match for WWE Summerslam will be Brock Lesnar against Triple H. Everyone talks about that one. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are down to the ring. Remember, Lesnar never fought Shawn Michaels. Heyman promises a beating in front of Triple H's friends and family at WWE Summerslam. Triple H showed up and Lesnar bailed. Intense staredown between Lesnar and Triple H closed out the segment. I enjoyed this one, as they made you want to see the match at WWE Summerslam 2012.

Sheamus stole Alberto Del Rio's car for those of you who did not know.

Dolph Ziggler takes on Alex Riley in the next match.

We have got Ziggler against Riley. Ziggler beat down Riley and Chris Jericho is out to Tout the match. Congratulations WWE, your Twitter ramming seems actually harmless right about now. Alex Riley school boyed Ziggler for the pin.

Alex Riley pinned Dolph Ziggler with a school boy roll up.

Kane takes on the Miz.

Our five hour er three hour RAW continues with this match. Take a deep breath everyone. The WWE Intercontinental Title is not on the line. The Miz gets some offense on Kane. It does not last long as Kane drilled Miz with the Choke Slam for the pin. Barely went four minutes, seemed like this one lasted about four hours.

Kane pinned the Miz with the Choke Slam.

Sheamus destroyed Del Rio's car and made a mess of it. Ricardo Rodiguez, the butt monkey of WWE, has to clean it up.

We hype WWE Smackdown where Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero will be on the Highlight Riel.

John Cena takes on Daniel Bryan in the main event.

I don't know if this is an intentional thing by WWE, but was anyone getting some kind of weird He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named vibe off of Daniel Bryan? It only took them five years to do something to reference that in a backhanded way. I could be reading too much into this. I mean gone crazy, uses a cross face type move, a headbutt, similar styles, kind of creepy.

As for the match, Daniel Bryan and John Cena put on a solid main event. Cena is good in there with the right opponent. Diving headbutt connected but Cena kicks out. STF avoided and Daniel Bryan applies the LaBell/YES/NO/Whatever Lock but Cena countered with the Attitude Adjustment. Yep just like a match he had with that one guy back in 2007. Cena gets the pin.

John Cena pinned Daniel Bryan with the Attitude Adjustment.

Punk and Big Show are both out. Cena nailed Big Show with the Attitude Adjustment and Punk took out Cena. Then Show knocked out both Punk and Cena. Wonderful, the stupid Triple Threat booking where everything is even-Steven. So by trying to get everyone over, no one gets over.

This is why WWE always defaults back to the old stars.

WWE RAW had some good matches. The show is way too much. Three hours is just too long for a weekly wrestling show. Regardless, I'll see you next week.

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