Friday, September 7, 2012

WWE Superstars 09/06/12 Thoughts

The Wrestling Emporium will have some quick thoughts for WWE Superstars this week. This week's episode was a rather solid episode. As always, I will be running down the good, the bad, and the ugly for WWE Superstars. Head over to the Superstars tab up top for the results.

WWE Superstars 09/06/12 Report. 

The Good:

Justin Gabriel against Antonio Cesaro was a good little opening match. Being on Superstars means these two got plenty of time to shine. Cesaro is the perfect man to hold the United States Champion. Gabriel is the perfect little babyface to fight Cesaro.

Layla took on Natalya in another good match. Given what we're getting on Pay Per View and RAW, the best Divas matches take place on WWE Superstars. Natalya and Layla both have some great chemistry in the ring.

Damien Sandow continues to be his awesome self. Alex Riley was a decent little opponent. Sandow and Riley had a match that just barely slipped under the good radar. Yet, it did.

Tag Team Champions against the Colons featured some decent time in tag team action here on WWE Superstars. WWE keeps telling us that the tag team division is improving and being more important. Yet, how well are they showing us? Just enough to have a good match.

No Jinder Mahal. That's always a plus.

The Bad:


The Ugly:

Nothing, this episode was a good show. WWE Superstars 09/06/12 would be worth a check out.

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