Friday, September 7, 2012

Impact Wrestling 09/06/12 Thoughts

Impact Wrestling for September 6th 2012 was the go home show for No Surrender this Sunday. There were several matches. As always, the Wrestling Emporium will have you covered, with the good, the bad, and the ugly. A full show report and archives will be up in the archives.

Impact Wrestling 09/06/12 Report.

The Good:

Jeff Hardy against Samoa Joe was a good match. Joe really is turning a bit of a corner. Granted he's a shadow beyond his prime but he's still good.

Tag Team Title main event was a good match. It was also a fresh match. Given WWE has turned into the same old stale stuff week after week, it's really good to see new fresh matches.

Aces and Eights storyline slipped by but we're getting to the point where the payoff better be good. I hope it is.

Joseph Parks showed up this week. Thus life was good. 

Gail Kim and Tara was fine. At least not enough to offend.

The Bad:

Rob Van Dam's fall from grace over the past couple of years. Then again, he gets paid the same way either way, so he's all like, 'whatever dude'.

 Joey Ryan and Al Snow really was not that good of a segment.

The Ugly:

The buyrate for No Surrender, but that's not my concern as a wrestling fan.


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