Thursday, October 11, 2012

WWE Main Event 10/10/12

As it does each and every Wednesday Night, WWE Main Event aired on ION. The big match they hyped for this week was the Big Show taking on Randy Orton. Two top WWE Superstars stand in the ring for one huge blockbuster match. Plus, more on WWE's latest show, it's Wednesday Night offer, WWE Main Event on ION. Let's run down the results and review the show airing on October 10th 2012.

WWE Main Event 10/10/12 Quick Results:

The Big Show picked up the win over Randy Orton with the WMD.

Kofi Kingston scored the win over Michael McGillicutty with the Trouble in Paradise.

Now to review this show, I thought WWE did an excellent job in setting up the Big Show against Randy Orton as a huge marquee match. One would think this would be a match that most would not care about. The Big Show's past his due date, and Randy Orton has not been lighting the world on fire. Yet the build for this match was good.

The match itself was rather okay, I guess. It was the performance of the Big Show that sold him as a viable title contender to Sheamus. This entire Sheamus against Big Show feud has been rather miss, much like Sheamus's entire World Heavyweight Title reign. Of course, the brand extension has been long since killed off, I question the World Heavyweight Title existing to begin with. The demolition of Randy Orton was well played.

McGillicutty improved a lot over the past year. Kofi has been slotted into that middle of the card slot rather nicely. Granted, it's not a bad slot for him, but still it just shows you he'll never reach past a certain level. The main event ship might have sailed for Kofi. Kofi picks up the win, and sets up his match with the Miz next week. The post match angle signified this match.

Is Kofi Kingston against the Miz the most exciting match out there? Likely not, but they made us care. While this ION show may be the one hour too much of WWE Wrestling, I think they did well enough to hold the interest of the fans. We'll see what the Miz against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Title has to offer for next week's show.

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