Thursday, October 11, 2012

Punk and Austin at Wrestlemania 30

The last time we saw Stone Cold Steve Austin in a WWE ring in a sanctioned wrestling match was on March 30th 2003. On that night, Austin took on the Rock in their third and final Wrestlemania match. After that night, Austin retired due to lingering injuries from a rather hard career. Over the past couple of years there were rumblings that Austin would return to the ring for one more match. Given the fact that in the wrestling business, retired rarely does seem to be retired it does seem rather likely that Austin would be ready for one more match. The most likely opponent for that match will be CM Punk.

The seeds for the potential CM Punk against Stone Cold Steve Austin match was planted a time ago. In fact during that infamous promo on June 27th 2011, CM Punk wore an Austin T-Shirt. Ever since then, wrestling fans both online and offline have been buzzing for this dream match. Austin against Punk seems to be the perfect combination in the ring. They may have walked down different paths, but both have a flare for having an anti-authority attitude.

Many thought the bout would take place at Wrestlemania 28, but it was not to be. Many fans are hoping for the bout to take place at Wrestlemania 29, but Stone Cold Steve Austin recently underwent knee surgery. It seems unlikely that Austin will be able to have enough time to train for a comeback, and have the match with CM Punk.

Wrestlemania 30 will hopefully be the night where this match takes place. If WWE plays their cards right, they could build the match well. This battle could be the final nudge CM Punk needs to push him over the top and make him the top of the line. As entertaining as the WWE Champion has been, he has not reached the very top of the mountain. A victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin, or at least a hard fought match could present that opportunity.

The match could very well still happen, but the time to do it would be at Wrestlemania 30. Given the rumors that another Rock against John Cena showdown will take place, along with Brock Lesnar potentially going for the streak of the Undertaker, Austin against Punk would best be saved for another year. When the match does happen, wrestling fans around the world will be buzzing. Of course, the match is good, but WWE needs a good storyline to back it up.

Of course, knowing Austin, he won't settle for anything less than the best. Therefore, should it happen, he will have a lot of say in the storyline direction. This fact should ease the fears of many members of the WWE Universe and wrestling fans in general. Punk may need a slight bit of rehabilitation before this match, but that's a challenge for the creative team.

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