Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WWE RAW 12/10/12 Review

Six days away from WWE TLC 2012, and one more time, the Big Show goes one on one with John Cena. Plus, Dolph Ziggler will square off against Sheamus. It is time to run down the results, and review WWE RAW for December 10th 2012.

WWE RAW 12/10/12 Results.

R-Truth pinned Wade Barrett with a roll up when Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston caused a distraction at ringside.

The Rhodes Scholars picked up the win over the Prime Time Players, The Usos, and Epico and Primo.

Eve Torres pinned Alicia Fox.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler via disqualification when Ziggler used a chair on Sheamus.  

Alberto Del Rio makes Zack Ryder submit to the Cross Armbreaker.

Vickie Guerrero picked up the win over A.J. thanks to the biased officiating of Brad Maddox.

Antonio Cesaro pinned Kofi Kingston with the Neutralizer.

John Cena defeated the Big Show via disqualification when the SHIELD interfered.

WWE RAW 12/10/12 Review.

So what did this reviewer think when he watched WWE RAW for 12/10/12? There were a couple of good moments, and some good matches, but three hours of this show tends to lead to some rather ponderous shows.

As played out as the main event of John Cena against the Big Show is, it is always good to see a nice show ending brawl, to get you hyped up for the Pay Per View. So that worked to that extent.

Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro had another good match, off of the heels of the good match they had on WWE Main Event last week. Cesaro should be one to watch in 2013, and hopefully will get a main event run.

Vickie Guerrero against A.J. was what it was, but an epic tantrum on the part of A.J. followed the match.

Hey, Alberto Del Rio taps out Zack Ryder, there’s something we haven’t seen about five million times.

MizTV was a big pile of whatever, with the Miz trying to stir the fire between the Rhodes Scholars.

Dolph Ziggler should be smart and cash in before his match on this Sunday. Of course, WWE might do something to make his last short title reign look like a smartly booked one. Like he wins the belt, and then loses it to John Cena in the same night, due to the fact that something has to be hanging over the ring in a Ladder Match. Ziggler against Sheamus was decent, even with the finish.

CM Punk is hurt, but still manages to squeeze in an appearance. The build for the Rock Match at the Royal Rumble begins.

Four Way bout was a nice showcase for the tag team roster. Cody is back from injuries, and the Rhodes Scholars will take on Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio for the tag team title shot in a Tables Match at TLC.

Ryback and Team Hell No against the SHIELD in a TLC Match that can be only won by pinfall or submission should be fun as well. It will do well in hiding the limitations of certain competitors in this match.

So there you have it, another three hour RAW in the books.

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