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WWF Sunday Night Heat 05/23/99

Less than one hour before WWF Over the Edge 1999, Vince McMahon stepped into the ring with Mideon with Shane McMahon was the guest referee. Plus the Hardy Boyz took on the Blue Meanie and Goldust in tag team action. This is all of the action just less than sixty minutes away from WWF Over the Edge 1999. This is Part 140 of the WWF Attitude Era Series, for WWF Sunday Night Heat 5/23/99.

WWF Sunday Night Heat 5/23/99 Results. 

Meat picked up the win over Brian Christopher.

The Hardy Boyz scored the win over Goldust and the Blue Meanie when Matt Hardy pinned the Blue Meanie.

Mideon battled Vince McMahon to a no contest when the Corporate Ministry interfered.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 140: WWF Sunday Night Heat 5/23/99. 

The pre-show Heat as always was one huge advertisement before the Pay Per View. The Heat prior to Over the Edge 1999 was no exception to that rule. The big Undertaker against Stone Cold Steve Austin was the headlining match. Shane and Vince McMahon were both the special guest referees. Shane put Austin against Mideon in a warm up match. Mr. McMahon decided to put a stop to that, and swap himself out. Regardless, this was a swerve, with the Corporate Ministry beating down Vince McMahon. Vince leaves the arena in an ambulance.

This Heat is really weird to watch, given the tragedy that comes after. The entire Over the Edge Pay Per View was not shaping up to be the best Pay Per View. There were two huge matches, and a bunch of the same old in the midcard. Not like the main event was the same old. I do wonder if anyone would remember this show if it had not been for Owen Hart’s tragic death during the Pay Per View broadcast.

As for this show, there was a lot of hype for the Pay Per View. There was also a halfway decent Hardy Boyz against Blue Meanie and Goldust. Goldust is at the end of his first run in the World Wrestling Federation under that character. So that’s a historical note for you on that point.
The WWF Attitude Era series continues with WWF Over the Edge 1999, in Part 141 of the WWF Attitude Era Series. This is an event that is not known for anything that happened in the ring, but rather the tragic events of that night.

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