Monday, February 27, 2012

33 Days Until Wrestlemania 28: John Cena vs. Triple H

The clock keepsticking down, thirty three days and counting to WWE Wrestlemania 28 in Miami Florida on April 1st 2012. Itwill be Team Bring It against the Cenation when the Rock takes on John Cena inthe blockbuster main event. That’s not the only draw for the show, with the hugeHell in a Cell Match taking place between the Undertaker and Triple H with theUndertaker’s Wrestlemania winning streak on the record. Plus who is the best inthe world, when CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho andthe 2012 Royal Rumble Winner Sheamus takes on Daniel Bryan.

John Cena and Triple H will bepart of two blockbuster matches at Wrestlemania this year. Let’s spin back thehands of time to 2006, Wrestlemania 22, for the battle between John Cenaagainst Triple H, in Chicago, Illinois.

JohnCena vs. Triple H-The Night John Cena Was Cemented

John Cena with the exception of athree week reign had been WWE Champion for the better part of the last year,but despite scoring wins over Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge during histitle reign, it was very likely that he would slide right down the card. TripleH returned and it seemed inevitable that he would reclaim his spot as the dominantforce on RAW and John Cena would just be another man vanquished by the almightyTriple H. Triple H won a contenders tournament and things appeared to be goingthat way.

Triple H cut some choice promosabout John Cena prior to Wrestlemania 22, talking about essentially many of theflaws that John Cena was already railed about by the wrestling fans on theInternet. All true, but that’s not something that you’d want to slap yourcasual fan in the face with. Yet, John Cena, he proved no matter what, for thefirst time ever, he was not going to be someone who was going to go away. Whilehe didn’t have his massive merchandise powers that he would have before toolong.

The ring entrances were quitesomething, with Triple H coming out on a throne, dressed like Conan theBarbarian and John Cena coming out as a 1930s gangster(with the firstWrestlemania appearance of one CM Punk). The stage was set, the inevitable wasabout ready to happen. The match was good, with lots of action, with the fanswaiting for the inevitable moment where Triple H takes down John Cena like hasso many before.

Themoment never happened, as Triple H tapped out to the STFU. The fans couldn’tbelieve it. It was a moment where you knew that John Cena was going to be theguy in WWE, for better or for worse. It was the moment where John Cena wastruly shot to the top, above the glass ceiling, where he would remain.

Wrestlemania 28, April 1st2012 on Pay Per View, The Rock against John Cena, Triple H against theUndertaker in Hell in a Cell, and more great matches.  

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