Tuesday, February 21, 2012

39 Days Until Wrestlemania 28: Wrestlers Moaning About the Rock Being in the Mania Main Event

We are thirtynine days and counting until Wrestlemania28, featuring the huge battle between the Rock against John Cena. Alsothree more huge matches April 1st in Miami. Triple H and the Undertaker will do battle inside Hell in a Cell withthe Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Winning Streak hanging right in the balance. Oneon one, The WWE Champion CM Punk defendsagainst Chris Jericho. And The WorldHeavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan defends against Sheamus. There will bemore matches announced no doubt in the coming weeks and the live Smackdowntonight might have some clues. But right now, the Rock’s Wrestlemaniaparticipation has caused a great deal of controversy by many WWE Superstars andmany superstars really have some level of resentment as it pertains to theRock. Let’s discuss why certain WWE Superstars(they know who they are), areacting like entitled brats right now.

TheRock Doesn’t Need WWE, WWE needs the Rock

Plain and simple, bottom line,the Rock didn’t have to come back to WWE. He didn’t have to show up for anynumber of cameos he did after his film career had taken off. He did not have toshow up to host Wrestlemania 27. He didn’t have to slum it in a poorly promotedtag team match with John Cena against Awesome Truth at Survivor Series.

There are a bunch of professionalwrestlers or rather sports entertainers in WWE, with sand in their vagina aboutthe Rock and his participation at Wrestlemania. If you saw the John Cena promolast night, you have a good idea what the sentiment is. They are complainingabout the Rock coming back to steal someone’s spot in the main event.

Hold up, and back up the truckright now. Who in the hell is going to want to see just an average predictableJohn Cena match? At least it will be an average predictable John Cena matchfeaturing the Rock, who might raise it up to another level. History will showJohn Cena to be a guy who got shoved down our throats way too much and was longpast his expiration date. But funny enough, WWE can’t turn him heel, becauseWWE has created an atmosphere where no babyfaces could even bother to touchJohn Cena.

That’s why they had to bring theRock back once again. They had no other option, no other competitor is going tobe allowed to be at John Cena’s level, so they had to get someone beyond JohnCena’s level, beyond the company. CM Punk they had a seed of something, but WWEthrew that directly off of the tracks. Triple H and the Undertaker are parttime at best(oh we’ll get to them in a minute). Shawn Michaels is retired. Theonly other babyface main event competitor I recent memory that could have comeclose to John Cena was Jeff Hardy, and he’s gone and he’s got an entire ton ofbaggage that I doubt WWE wants with Linda failing to run for Congress yetagain.

The real problem is this. Don’tblame the Rock for creating the atmosphere that caused no one to move to intothe real top tier. Everyone is stuck at that top of the bottom level, thatupper midcard hell, that people that have long since moved on like MVP,Carlito, Ken Kennedy, and others have been stuck in. Said names have their own flaws for various reasons but its likely they were not allowed to move past a certain point.

WWE has created an atmospherewhere no one can break through. Vince, much like a jilted lover, is upset thatthe Rock had success outside of WWE. The Rock is one half of the problem and theother half is Brock Lesnar, two people who moved on from the company and Vincerealized that he can’t let no one get that big ever again. Even John Cena, theGolden Boy of WWE, had a choker chain put on him so he doesn’t get too big forhis britches, given some of the worst material to work with. Funnily enough,the biggest name in WWE might also be the biggest mark.

The Undertaker has been comingback for a few months a year, if that,  for at least about six or seven years rightnow. The last time he worked what passed as a full time schedule was when hewas the heel WWE Champion when the belt floated between the two shows. Samewith Triple H and same with Shawn Michaels before he retired. Oddly enough, theRock is the huge problem and last year, Trish Stratus got some harsh commentsfrom Melina.

The only problem is with thosewho have moved on from WWE to better things and made a name for themselvesoutside of the Vince McMahon wrestling machine.

We may have a pattern right here.

Plus if the Rock gets buyratesup, then you get more money you idiots. Jealously has been the downfall of manyin WWE. WWE where high school pettiness never ends. Given that all of thepotential money that was flushed down the toilet for the Invasion, becausepeople didn’t want to God forbid lose their spots because they’d actually haveto work for them and get over, should anyone be surprised.

The Rock doesn’t need the WWE butgiven the atmosphere the morons running the company and the Hollywood hacksthat pass as “creative” have done. The PG rating, while mildly annoying in somerespects, was far from the only problem and the fact that no one can get over,because Vince has self esteem issues about people getting success outside ofhis own bubble. That’s the biggest problem with WWE in a nutshell.

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