Tuesday, February 14, 2012

46 Days Until Wrestlemania 28: Mega Powers Explode

It is now timefor the road to Wrestlemania 28, only forty six days for the huge show in Miamithat is headlined by the Rock against John Cena and also Sheamus receiving hisWWE or World Heavyweight Championship shot by way of winning the Royal Rumble,April 1st 2012. Today, it is time to talk about the big main eventat Wrestlemania V, featuring the Megapowers Exploding.

TheMegapowers Explode

The Mega Powers joined togetherat Wrestlemania IV, with Randy Savage winning the WWF Championship and had afeud with the Mega Bucks of Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant throughout 1988.Yet there seemed to be some signs of strain. Randy Savage had always been thehot jealous type towards Elizabeth, both in real life and in the storyline, andhe was casting a mistrusting eye right towards Hulk Hogan.

Things hit a fever pitch at thesecond Main Event in 1989, when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage took on the TwinTowers of the Big Boss Man and Akeem. Elizabeth was knocked out and Hogandecided to take her to the back. Randy Savage was not too happy and accusedHulk Hogan of having lust in his eyes. Savage blindsided Hogan and the matchwas set up for Wrestlemania V.

This was a solid match betweenHulk Hogan and Randy Savage. The champion against the challenger. Randy Savagewent into this match just suffering from a staph infection, but he showed whata tough competitor and a professional he was. The commentary of Jesse Venturamade the match as always and Randy Savage connected with the Flying Elbow Dropbut Hogan kicked out and the usual occurred, with Hulk Hogan winning his secondWWF Championship. Hogan and Savage would feud for the next few months beforemoving onto other things.

Now we talked about some marqueeRandy Savage matches and some big Ultimate Warrior matches over the past fewdays. Tomorrow as we continue the Road to Wrestlemania, talking about perhapsthe best match in the Ultimate  Warrior’scareer and perhaps one of the best matches of Savage’s career as well.  

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