Monday, February 13, 2012

Forty Seven Days Until Wrestlemania 28 Macho Madness

We are fortyseven days and away from Wrestlemania 28 from Miami on April 1st2012, with that huge one on one match between The Rock and John Cena and alsoSheamus receiving a championship opportunity, among other things that will beset up in the coming weeks. Today, we’re going to talk about the WrestlemaniaIV WWF Championship Tournament or rather Randy Savage’s road to the title.

RandySavage-The Macho Man Reigns Supreme

The fourteen man singleelimination tournament at Wrestlemania IV was not looked at favorably from awrestling standpoint, but it is rather important in elevating one of the alltime greats, Randy Savage to the status as World Wrestling Federation Champion.Savage had turned babyface after a couple of good years as a heel at the end of1987 and after the controversy masterminded by Ted DiBiase, based on the Andrethe Giant and Hulk Hogan match on Saturday Night’s Main Event, we were set upfor a huge night, obviously highlighted by Randy Savage and Miss Elizabethwearing four different outfits in four nights.

First, Savage got past Butch Reedin the tournament. So far so good. Reed was a tough competitor, but Savage wasa few steps ahead. Then Greg Valentine, the Hammer, a tough competitor wasSavage’s second round opponent. Randy Savage had a tough road to thechampionship but he rolled up Valentine for the pin.

The semifinals is where thingsget interested. The One Man Gang was fresh and got to rest after a time limitdraw between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude, so Savage had to fight a man twice hissize and fresh as a daisy. However, Slick’s cane got involved and Savage won bydisqualification after being thrashed. That lead to another problem, as TedDiBiase got a bye to the finals and had more time to rest.

And there was that big problem ofAndre the Giant in Ted DiBiase’s corner as well. Miss Elizabeth was obviouslyno match for Andre. But quickly Hulk Hogan got involved. In a solid ten minutesof wrestling action, Hogan fight off the Giant and allowed Savage to score aflying elbow smash to DiBiase to score the pin.

Randy Savage was the WWF Championand the Mega Powers were together as one. Savage, Hogan, and Miss Elizabeth,but that would not last. That is another story for another day for WrestlemaniaV.

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