Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fifty Six Days Until Wrestlemania 28: The Failed Wrestlemania 2 Experiment

We are now 56days and counting until Wrestlemania 28, where we will have the long awaitedbattle between John Cena vs. the Rock, among any other matches that will beannounced. Many have been rumored and we know Sheamus will be getting a titleshot as a result of winning the 2012. Today, we are going to take a look at theexperiment that was Wrestlemania II, where the show was in three differentlocations on April 7th 1986. Which was on a Monday, as the setSunday PPV date did not happen until much later but in 1986, Pay Per Views werea new thing. In fact Wrestlemania 2 was the first Wrestlemania to be broadcaston Pay Per View.

Wrestlemania2-An Intriguing Experiment.

Starrcade 1985 was done in twovenues, in Atlanta Georgia and Greensboro North Carolina, so the WorldWrestling Federation decided to make the next Wrestlemania special by beatingJim Crockett Promotions at their own game, having the show at three separate locations,for Wrestlemania 2.

So we had three locations allacross the United States. In New York, in Chicago, and in Los Angeles. Needlessto say this show was not well received. The WWF Tag Team Title Match betweenGreg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake, the Dream Team, against the BritishBulldogs was perhaps the match of the evening. The battle between the NFLcompetitors and WWF wrestlers in the battle royal was something to be intriguedby. And of course, Hulk Hogan triumphing against another monster heel, againstKing Kong Bundy to retain the WWF Championship always thrilled the fans as HulkHogan during 1986 is the main event.

The problem was the celebritycommentators. Vince McMahon was not the best commentator in the world, but helooks like Jim Ross next to Susan St. James and her constant “uh ohs”. MeanGene Okerlund showed that his strong suit is in fact backstage interviews, withGorilla Monson and Cathy Lee Crosby. The strongest announcing team was JesseVentura, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Elvira, and that really does tell you somethingabout how awesome Jesse Ventura was behind the broadcast booth.

The first Wrestlemania was acalculated risk and an experiment that might have made or broke the WWF.Wrestlemania 2 was another experiment, to see if they could do three shows overthree different venues.  It was not asdamning as it could have been but Wrestlemania 2 was not one of the betterWrestlemanias.

The three venue thing wassomething that could have worked well but failed. No harm done, especially withthe success of Wrestlemania III.

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