Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 Days Until Wrestlemania 28 Featuring the Undertaker vs. Diesel

The lock is ticking down, with eleven days and counting to Wrestlemania 28. Let's not waste any time, as we continue to talk about various Wrestlemania matches and moments leading up to the biggest show of them all. With his 19-0 winning streak, the Undertaker is obviously one of the key superstars in the entire history of Wrestlemania. On April 1st, he will take on Triple H inside Hell in a Cell as what has been dubbed as an end of an era, with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee. Undertaker has had many great matches over the years and at Wrestlemania 12, he stepped into the ring with Diesel.

11 Days Away from Wrestlemania 28 Featuring Diesel vs. the Undertaker

Throughout a good portion of his career, the Undertaker mostly fought any number of monster heels that he vanquished, but in 1996, the Undertaker would get a bit of an upgrade, challenging Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Championship at the 1996 Royal Rumble. Diesel interfered, costing the Undertaker his chance at the title. Undertaker would return the favor the next month at the February 1996 In Your House, taking out Diesel.

Diesel had developed a bit of an edge and a bit of a unique spin after a lackluster reign as WWF Champion. He was one of the first characters in wrestling to have the shades of grey, not quite a heel, but not quite a babyface that would be featured handsomely throughout the entire Attitude Era. He had only turned on his good friend Shawn Michaels go go right more into the heel side of things just a few weeks prior to Wrestlemania XII.

The stage had been set, the Undertaker versus Diesel at Wrestlemania 12. This was one of the better Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania to this point and would also be a key place for the Undertaker to shift towards a more humane side to give his character death, with the feud with Mankind starting after the show being the key. Diesel, Kevin Nash, was on his way to WCW and it seemed like the outcome was obvious. Still it was a thrilling encounter between two big bruisers. Not one but two jack knife power bombs were not enough to take down the Undertaker. Diesel was throttled, and finished off with a thunderous Tombstone Piledriver. The arms were crossed over the chest for the pin.

Undertaker had won, with his record reaching 5-0 but his next year's win would be an even bigger one.

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