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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 3/22/12

Welcome to the TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for the show that is taped on March 19th 2012, that will be airing on March 20th 2012. These are spoilers for this episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. If you do not want to be spoiled, then please tune out right now. Otherwise press forward and enjoy TNA Impact Wrestling 3/22/12 Spoilers.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 3/22/12

Devon successfully retained the TNA Television Title over Robbie T on Xplosion.

Dixie Carter is out, saying that Bobby Roode is fired. Then Sting is out, saying that Roode should have his match with James Storm. Sting declares that he cannot be an authority figure and wrestler and….he suggests that Dixie bring back Hulk Hogan to run the company. Yes, because that worked so well last time.

James Storm vows to become TNA Champion. A represented of Bobby Roode comes out and states that Roode will not appear at Lockdown. And it is James Storm against Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a handicap match.

The greatest TNA Knockout Champions of all time, Eric Young and ODB successfully retained their titles against Rosita and Sarita.

Austin Aries, Anthony Nese, Zema Ion, and Kid Kash had a match and were all attacked by Bully Ray. Ray is apparently going on a rampage. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus successfully retained their titles against Mexican America.

Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff had a three minute challenge, where Gunner ran out and took out Garrett Bischoff. Then Jeff Hardy decided to make the save. So these feuds must continue. Likely we’re setting up the pieces for the Lethal Lockdown match this year.

James Storm triumphed over Kazarian and Daniels in a handicap match. There you go.

Hulk Hogan is out. Sting tries to sell Dixie on Hogan, saying that he is a changed man. Sting’s the worst judge of character in all of wrestling history, so I wouldn’t take his word for anything if I were you Dixie.

Those were your TNA Impact Spoilers 3/22/12 to air on Spike TV

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