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WWE Smackdown Review 04/10/12

WWE Smackdown is live this week, which means I will actually be reviewing the show this week and what a show it is. The legends of WWE take center stage for an old school Smackdown. Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan will be teaming up to take on Sheamus and Mean Gene Okerlund. No that is not a typo. Plus all of the action for this week's Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown Review April 10th 2012

 Recap of the events of last week, featuring Daniel Bryan dumping AJ. Things should get rather interesting tonight, as Daniel Bryan will be on Piper's Pit. Meanwhile, Mean Gene Okerlund is out to call out the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. It is old school night on Smackdown and Gene will be handling the interviews tonight. Sheamus talks about the events of last week, where he attacked the referee and Alberto Del Rio defeated him by disqualification. Here's Johnny! Our General Manager of RAW and Smackdown is not too happy, so he fines Sheamus and puts on on probation. Also Sheamus will take on both Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan in tag team action. His tag team partner, the legendary announcer Mean Gene Okerlund. The plot does thicken on RAW.

Cowboy Bob Orton wishes his son Randy best in his match with Mark Henry coming up next.

Mark Henry and Randy Orton battled to a no contest

This was decent enough but it was the backdrop of the feud between Kane and Randy Orton, that is still going on. Kane taunts Randy, having beaten up the Cowboy. Randy Orton goes backstage and Kane waffles him with a pipe and beats him down. This feud will continue. 

Hey everyone, it's Benny Carner. You all know Benny Carner, that legendary WWE Superstar, that drew all that money. He talks some trash with Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Pat Patterson, and The Million Dollar Man look on.

Ryback defeated Benny Carner

Ryberg er I mean Ryback scores the win with a huge Samoan Drop.

We have Heath Slater, a heel recruit Tyson Kidd, who I assume is a babyface, even if NXT is in the pocket dimension or the Phantom Zone or whatever. The Usos will be their opponents tonight and they will be managed by Jimmy Hart.

The Usos defeated Tyson Kidd and Heath Slater

Barely got out of the starting gate and it was just an excuse to have Mick Foley chase around Jimmy Hart with a sock. Most weeks Smackdown is must miss television and this week only slightly less so, with the legends being the focus point.

Piper's Pit and it is the highlight of the show, but I always like me some Roddy Piper. Daniel Bryan is not going for this entire apologize to AJ thing, so Piper gets on his case. One on one at Extreme Rules, Best Two Out of Three Falls, with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, which hopefully will be a good match, unless WWE does something stupid. The segment ends with Daniel Bryan smacking the Hot Rod in the face.

Alicia Fox, Natalya, and Great Khali defeated the Bella Twins and Drew McIntrye.

I'll take "WTF Matches" for 500 hundred, Alex. McIntyre wisely bails on this clown show and Alicia snaps over one of the Bellas to score the pin. And Mae Young makes her mandated cameo to kiss the Great Khali.

Damien Sandow cuts a great promo and he is the most entertaining gimmick on Smackdown. I hope that his entrance is in all of its glory.

RAW Rebound is shown, with Brock Lesnar and John Cena on RAW, setting up Extreme Rules.

Hunico defeated Jim Duggan via disqualification

This is why that this show is a good idea in theory, but perhaps a bit more shaky one in practice. Sgt. Slaughter is out with Duggan and the 2x4 is into play. Then Slaughter and Duggan beat up Hunico and Comacho.

Then things got a bit more interesting, well in a marginal way. Cody Rhodes is out, cutting a promo but here comes Dusty Rhodes. Dusty cuts a promo, saying that Cody does have a lot of potential but he made a mistake in awakening a sleeping giant. Cody is all like a teenager and "you're embarrassing me, Dad".  Then we see the Big Show pop up to show us a clip from Dashing Cody Rhodes. This feud still must continue.

Mean Gene Okerlund and Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan

Heels try and trap Gene but Sheamus nails Daniel Bryan with the Brogue Kick. Then all of the legends beat up Ricardo Rodiguez, which I think is mandated in his contract that he gets beat up by someone at least once a week. Then Michael Cole gets punched out by Pat Patterson.

I can't really hate on any show that ends up with Michael Cole getting punched in the face because I feel like I'm getting punched in the face every time I hear his commentary(or another body part). But still this was a show that you didn't come for the wrestling.

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