Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beth Phoenix Injury Update

As you know by watching WWE RAW, Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix to win the WWE Diva's title. The former WWE Diva's Champion Beth Phoenix losing the title to Nikki Bella last night on RAW was something that was planned but in the process of losing the title, Beth Phoenix was in fact injured, thus perhaps pushing up the time table a little bit.

Beth Phoenix Sufferers Injury and Future Diva's Title Plans

 As we know from the events of RAW, Beth Phoenix lost the title and she appeared to be injured. The reason why Beth Phoenix appeared to be injured was that she really was injured.

The former WWE Diva's Champion suffered an ankle injury and claimed that she needed assistance. That would be a rather bad break for the WWE Diva, cutting a rather long title reign short, perhaps on an unexpected note to someone who has in recent memory been rumored to be on their way out of the company for too long.

The current plans for the WWE Diva's Division is for Kharma to return and crush Nikki Bella to win the title. Given that the Bella Twins had confronted Kharma during her last appearance (not counting her surprise entry in the WWE Royal Rumble), that is really not surprising.

The long term plans for the Diva's Division is a Beth Phoenix against Kharma feud for the down the road. If there was ever a money match for that division, that would be one. When Beth is able to return, that will have a lot to do with the future of the division.

In the end, the Glamazon's injury is legit and Nikki Bella is only keeping the Butterfly Belt warm for Kharma when she comes back.

Update: The injury appears to be a work or at the very least not as serious as it was reported to at first after all. Allegedly, WWE wants to do more serious and realistic injury angles although why they would use them on the Divas, who really knows.

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