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Florida Championship Wrestling Review 04/08/12

After a couple of weeks off, we return with the Florida Championship Wrestling Review for April 8th 2012. In tonight's main event, we will see the FCW 15 Championship on the line, with a twenty minute time limit match with champion Richie Steamboat and challenger Antonio Cesaro.

Florida Championship Wrestling Review 4/8/12

In the past couple of weeks since we have had a show, two shows did in fact occur, with Seth Rollins becoming the Florida Championship from Leo Kruger. That was on March 25th 2012. And then last week, Rollins retained the championship. That brings us to this week, on Florida Championship Wrestling.

Richie Steamboat and Antonio Cesaro is hyped to kick off the show, twenty minute time limit for the FCW 15 Championship. The Jack Brisco Classic is on the line in what should be an epic main event.

Bryon Saxton and Kenneth Cameron had a match that never ended. 

We are reminded that Kenneth Cameron had been attacked by Bryon Saxton weeks previously. And then, look who is back, Conor O'Brian, Cameron's partner in the Ascension. These two have a match, really nothing more to say about that, average developmental fair and suddenly Connor screams and the lights go out. And the match...just ends, and we fade to commercial, like nothing happened. That is a big whatever. 

Paige and Rick Victor defeated Audrey Marie and Aiden English.

No time to dwell on that weird last match, is Aiden English, the thespian, makes his debut here on Florida Championship Wrestling. I thought this was a slightly better mixed tag team match than normal, there was a lot of fun interaction.  A bit of a muddled mess with Sofia Cortez out there and then Raquel Diaz attacking Audrey Marie. This throws English off of his gain and allows Rick Victor to plaster him with a European Uppercut for the pin.

Seth Rollins cuts a promo. Master of charisma that one. Still the message was good, he will be keeping an eye on that big Jack Brisco Classic Match for the 15 Championship with Antonio Cesaro against Richie Steamboat. He is the Florida Champion. Nice to know that, Seth.

Florida Championship Wrestling continues to tempt me with Regal versus Ambrose, but like Regal said, good things comes to those who wait. Also, a Tap Out Match between Dean Ambrose against James Bronson is set up for next week.

Kassius Ohno cuts a promo and it was a decent one, until he started rhyming. Then it got kind of bad. He may be entering the hunt for the FCW 15 Championship which means there is a potential for the Kings of Wrestling to explode.

Husky Harris cuts a promo, or rather his new gimmick. All I got from this promo is IRS owned a shrimp boat and died on it apparently. But he got better.

The commentary just got awesome on this show as Jim Ross joins William Regal.

Richie Steamboat battled Antonio Cesaro to a twenty minute time limit to retain the Jack Brisco Classic 1-1 .

The normal fifteen minute time limit is enhanced to twenty and the most falls wins. Nice back and forth action. For the first time in years, we actually had something happen during a commercial break, with Cesaro going up one to nothing with a Styles Clash like move. Cesaro does what he can to keep the lead, battering Steamboat but goes up top once too often. Steamboat fights back but Cesaro tries to toss Steamboat to the floor. This proves to be his undoing, as Steamboat skins the cat, into the headscissors, into a roll up for the pin. That was a sweet sequence and with 2:06 remaining, the scoreboard is tied 1 to 1. Cesaro makes a mad dash, nice rolling gutwrench suplexes, but Steamboat cradles Cesaro for a nearfall. The time runs out. Vicious throwing European Uppercut, which would have gotten the pin, had it not knocked Steamboat to the floor. Steamboat is dead weight as Cesaro tries to drag him into the ring but he can't and the bell rings. The commentary and this match was good and I can't wait for the third match.

Cesaro waffles Steamboat after the fact and poses with the medal. There will be more between these two. So long for now from the Sunshine State. A good show other than the weirdness in the first match.

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