Thursday, April 5, 2012

Impact Wrestling Extended By Spike TV

TNA fans may cheer in joyfully while people who wonder why TNA is still on television can cringe in horrific horror, as Impact Wrestling has been extended for Spike TV for a "multi-year extension." Indeed the stars of Impact Wrestling will remain on your television screens for a few more years at the very least.

Impact Wrestling Extended for a "Multi Year Contract" by Spike TV

Of course, I will say that Impact Wrestling is likely one of the better programs to air on Spike TV, which might be some as rather faint phrase for TNA. Yet regardless of what your opinion is of TNA, whether good, bad, or depends on the quality of the show per the week, I think that many of us can agree that the Spike TV deal is keeping TNA afloat and Impact Wrestling on the air on Thursday Nights.

Without the Spike TV contract, how would TNA survive? How long would they survive? I'm sure those are questions that many people both inside and outside of the distant number two wrestling promotion in North America are thinking about. There are questions that they will not have to consider for a number of years yet. Of course, contracts really don't mean all that much in the television business as we might think, as executives tend to undermine shows all of the time and get them cancelled because of "low ratings". Or just because it didn't fit the network.

Be that as it may, we have several more years of Impact Wrestling. It might be a hit or miss show some weeks and right now, we're going through a rather rough transitional period, where Vince Russo is gone, but the storylines that have been set into place before his departure. For better or for worse, Impact Wrestling has signed that "Multi-Year" extension on Spike TV.

There have been also rumblings about more TNA programming on Spike TV but at this point, there are nothing but rumblings. Perhaps TNA will finally air Xplosion in North America but that is speculation at this point.

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