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WWE NXT 04/04/12 Review

It is now time for WWE NXT for April 4th 2012. On this week’s show, one on one for the entire world to see, we have the divas in action, with the NXT Season 3 Winner Kaitlyn taking on Natalya. All of the action as I watch WWE NXT 4/4/12 and recap all of the highlights.

WWE NXT Review 4/4/12


Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks

This is a return match from two weeks ago on this program, when Maxine and William Regal took away from the match. This was standard fare for this show, with Curt Hawkins taunting and yelling at William Regal. Percy Watson scores a roll up to pick up the win.

Reks is not too happy and Percy Watson is in a tight spot, cornered but William Regal breaks this up before it gets too tough. Regal says that there was no fault other than their own. He cauctions that if they attack Percy, Reks and Hawkins will be suspended for the next six weeks. Regal suggests that they leave with their tail tucked behind their legs and dog them all a favor.

Natalya is backstage, when Michael McGillicutty pops up, talking about his match with Derrick Bateman and if he wins, he gets a match with Tyson Kidd. Natalya says she’s not going to get involved in this.
WWE Wrestlemania 28 took place this past Sunday night and we see still shots from it.

Natalya defeated Kaitlyn

Tyson Kidd is on commentary, as Kaitlyn is being dubbed as that girl next door, which causes Regal to quip that he wished she lived next door to him. Got to love Master Regal. I think Kaitlyn may or may not have gotten busted open hardway, as there was certainly blood on her chin and Natalya’s arm. Sharpshooter gets the win. This bout on NXT was standard fare from the divas. Also it appears that someone either got cold feet and cut something from the show because it wasn’t quite PG or the report was in error. Take your pick.
Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are backstage, with the courting of Tamina continuing, as Tamina and Alicia Fox walks up. Darren Young says Tamina was running through his mind all day long. Titus O’Neil laughs at Darren Young’s attempt at pick up lines. Such is the drama on NXT Season 2 Redemption.

The Usos take on Darren Young and Titus O’Neil in a tag team match.

Wrestlemania 29 is on April 7th 2012.

An end of an era took place at Wrestlemania 29 with the Undertaker becoming 20-0 against Triple H.

The Usos defeated Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

Titus O’Neil is planning to main event Wrestlemania 29. Excuse me why I cackle at that one. The Usos are trying to get the win to put themselves in line for another WWE Tag Team Title shot and it is a pretty decent little tag team encounter. Flying bodypress scores the win after a fun tag team match on NXT. Titus and Darren Young have words afterwards for Darren getting distracted by Tamina. Oh good, these two can feud for another year, with the heel-babyface roles reversed.

WWE RAW Rebound featuring John Cena and the return of Brock Lesnar.

Derrick Bateman, Kaitlyn, and Percy Watson are all backstage, when Maxine walks up, still looking for dirt and Maxine is flipping out, when Johnny Curtis creeps in. The kidnappers are in the basement. Bateman comments that it’s getting weird. Tyson Kidd gives Bateman his encouragement.

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Back with Johnny Curtis and Maxine, as we are now down in the basement. Curtis remarks that he once took a fan down in the basement and it was weird. Make of that comment as you wish. Hopefully said fan was over the age of consent. Hawkins and Reks show up and attack Johnny Curtis. Reks and Hawkins are the kidnappers of Matt Striker and they are trying to blackmail Maxine into getting William Regal off of their back. Yeah this plan would work a bit better if it wasn’t aired on television. Well technically it’s being aired on the Internet but still. Curtis vows not to get outdone by a couple of homeless looking guides and things are just going to get real weird.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Derrick Bateman

This is our main event and this match was what it was. Back and forth action with Bateman missing a cross body block off of the ropes. McGillicutty tries for the Sharpshooter but Bateman rolls him up for two. Neckbreaker gets the pin and Michael McGillicutty gets the win, to set up another match with Tyson Kidd. Kidd watches from the ramp.

WWE NXT Results 4/4/12
Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks.
Natalya defeated Kaitlyn
The Usos defeated Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.
Michael McGillicutty defeated Tyson Kidd

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