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Impact Wrestling Review 04/26/12

Impact Wrestling returns to Spike TV with Open Fight Night on April 26th 2012. Open challenges tonight as the road to TNA Sacrifice continues. Let us not waste any time as we step right into the ring for some Open Fight Night Action. Plus Eric Bischoff appreciation night here on Impact Wrestling.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review April 26th 2012

Hulk Hogan is out to open up the show, hyping up Open Fight Night. It will be put up or shut up time tonight, with anyone being able to throw out the challenge for the gold. Plus talent will be evaluated and all that good stuff. Good job by Hogan hyping up the show at hand.

Devon is out, as we know, he has to defend the Television Title once a week so he calls out his long time tag team partner Bully Ray for a title match. Bully Ray comes out, naturally jumping at the chance at accepting the challenger. Bully Ray versus Devon for the TNA Television Title is now on Impact Wrestling.

Devon defeated Bully Ray to hold onto the TNA Television Title.

The show opened up with a really good Television Title Match between these two men. Devon is actually being booked as a strong Television Champion, hitting the Spinebuster to keep the title. After the fact, Austin Aries comes out to rub in the fact Bully Ray lost.

Ric Flair hypes up the fact that Eric [LAST NAME REMOVED] will be getting his official send off later tonight.

Kurt Angle confronts Kazarian and Daniels on them helping him last week against AJ Styles. He doesn't want their help.

Our big open fight night challenge match is Jeremy Borash calling out Eric Bischoff (oh come on, you were all getting sick of that joke). . Man, TNA, giving away a potential Bound for Glory main event like that, not sure how smart of a business move that is. Lots of talk about Twitter, which I tend to train my brain to go off about.  We have a match with Eric Bischoff versus Jeremy Borash with Bully Ray attacking Borash right before the match.

Eric Bischoff defeated Jeremy Borash

Bischoff handily gets the pin due to the pre-match attack.

Joy of joys, here comes Mexican America. Anarquia calls out any American in the world. Who should make his way out but Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle defeated Anarquia

As you would expect, Angle mercifully takes down Anarquia in short order. Ankle Lock makes Anarquia tap out. Kurt Angle wins in about a minute.

Alex Silva, a young man from OVW, will be part of the Gutcheck Challenge later tonight. Al Snow pops up as one of the judges.

Robbie E defeated Alex Silva

Silva was a game young man ready to give this one a try, but Robbie E proved to be more savvy in this bout on Impact Wrestling. DDT gets the win.

Hulk Hogan stands by in the back. Some tag teams make a case for who will get the title match, including Daniels and Kazarian, the Motor City Machine Guns, and Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. Speaking of tag teams, the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Champions ODB and Eric Young pop up. They are undefeated and champions, so they should get the title shot. After some pondering, Hogan dismisses the Guns from tag team title contenders. Another backstage segment which served its purpose.

Here's Brooke Tessmacher. She wants a piece of Gail Kim. She challenges the TNA Knockout's Champion to a non title match with Gail Kim accepting the challenge. Why this is a non title match given that the champions cant be challenged to title matches, who really knows, but never the less Impact Wrestling continues with Brooke Tessmacher versus Gail Kim.  

Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim

Well this wasn't too bad, but to say it was good would be a stretch of the imagination. Brooke Tessmacher manages to put down the TNA Knockout's Champion with a face buster to score the pin. Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Brooke Tessmacher has defeated Gail Kim, the TNA Knockout's Champion.

Daniels and Kazarian threaten AJ Styles with the secret if he does not comply.

Rob Van Dam and Bobby Roode both have words about their upcoming TNA Championship Match at Sacrifice.

Al Snow talks to Alex Silva, next week he'll know his evaluation. Then Bobby Roode enters the room to talk some trash.

ODB and Eric Young are out of the hunt for the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Garrett Bischoff talks about how TNA would be a better place with his father out of the picture. That is for sure.

The greatest man alive, Joseph Park asks Bully Ray about the whereabouts of Abyss. Bully Ray does not seem to cooperate well, saying that he doesn't know anything and if he did, he would not tell Park.

The TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus walk down to the ringside area. Hogan announces their opponents tonight as Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. The Charismatic Assholes are together again.

TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson

I did enjoy this fun little bout of tag team wrestling here on Impact tonight. All four wrestlers really did go all out to have a pretty admirable match. Samoa Joe catches Mr. Anderson in the rear naked choke and makes him tap out. That is the first time someone tapped out to a Samoa Joe move in a long time, I'd imagine. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson bicker. Oh joy, a Mr. Anderson heel turn. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Daniels attack the champions, angered at being snubbed.

Your main event is Eric Bischoff appreciation night. To make a long story short, the heels come out to appreciate Bischoff. Then out come the babyfaces. Eric Bischoff ends up in a Port-A-Potty and it tipped over. Which depending on who you ask, that's a fitting metaphor for Bischoff's success in wrestling since the peak of WCW. Bischoff is covered in dung.

The show had its ups and downs but overall a solid night of Impact Wrestling. 

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