Friday, April 27, 2012

Rey Mysterio Wellness Policy Suspension

The news came out late yesterday afternoon that popular WWE Superstar, Rey Mysterio violated the WWE Wellness Policy for the second time. Rey, real name Oscar Gutierrez, was previously suspended for a wellness policy violation in September of 2009. According to Rey, at this time, it was due to a drug that he used for his various injury problems. Rey has been out of the ring since August of 2011 due to recurring injury problems.

Rey Mysterio Suspended for the Second Time for WWE Wellness Policy Violation

It is likely Rey's latest Wellness Policy violation has resulted in the use of painkillers due to his multiple injuries. Rey has had problems with his knee ever since the days of WCW, around 1997, where he has been in and out, under the knife several times. The problems also cropped up in his WWE run at various points. The former two time World Heavyweight Champion and former WWE Champion missed an extended amount of time from 2006-2007 due to a knee injury.

In early 2008, after Rey was on the comeback trail, he suffered an injured biceps forcing him to miss Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Rey has had his share of injury problems, throughout 2010 and 2011, but kept putting it off on the request of WWE Management, until finally stepping off of television in August of 2011. There were rumors that Rey was going to be part of Team Teddy Long at Wrestlemania 28, but the popular WWE Superstar could not get the clearance.

Rey is on his second strike of the WWE Wellness Policy. One more strike means that he is out and fired from WWE. This might be something that would hurt WWE more than Rey. Rey is second only to John Cena in popularity with the younger members of the WWE Universe. The masks Rey sells are big business for WWE.

WWE could be potentially losing out of a lot of money if Rey strikes out three times. They would be losing a popular attraction and a key merchandise seller. On the other side, if WWE doesn't take a hardline stance with Rey and follow their own policy, they would be setting a dangerous precedent. WWE has been put in a no win situation as regards to this situation.

Follow the Wellness Policy, and lose a popular seller. Lose all of the revenue those Rey Mysterio masks bring. Don't follow the Wellness Policy, and the morale of the WWE Locker Room takes a nosedive.

What will happen should Rey hit strike three and thus leave WWE? There is no doubt that TNA would likely fall over themselves to get a popular draw like Rey. Granted whether they would market him right and would perhaps lift their ratings is another matter entirely. Of course, that is assuming that REy would want to venture over to TNA.

Perhaps he may head back to Mexico. Someone like Rey returning, a WWE Superstar homecoming would be a huge boon for AAA for example. Then again, this is assuming that Rey hits Strike Three. It may not happen. Or if WWE decides to look the other way or not. Rey Mysterio leaving WWE would be a hit, as it would be another name that they have lost over the past several years. With WWE struggling to build fresh main event talent and sustain them, that would be a crippling blow.

Regardless, Rey Mysterio has been suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Sixty day suspension as per the policy, even if it does not really mean as much given that Rey seems to be benched due to injuries. Only time will tell what will happen with this popular WWE Superstar.

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