Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ring of Honor Makes Good on PPV Problems

Well Ring of Honor has the right idea I think but I'm not sure that they are going that they are going about it the right way. Some people are comparing this to WCW Halloween Havoc 1998, when WCW in their infinite wisdom had aired Diamond Dallas Page against Goldberg for free on television. Something that I was personally happy about consider I didn't spend money on the Pay Per View(there were very few Pay Per Views I ordered during those days) but I am sure that those who ordered the Pay Per View were none too happy.

Ring of Honor Posts Two Pay Per View Matches For Those That Ordered Who Missed the Pay Per View and Everyone Who Didn't Order As Well. 

Ring of Honor has decided to put the two matches that everyone who was watching the IPPV feed for Showdown in the Sun, with Adam Cole versus Kyle O'Reilly and the All Night Express taking on The Young Bucks. Although within the case of Cole versus O'Reilly due to the fact that they were stalling and it thus made a bad match, I kind of wish that didn't.

When that Jeff Hardy fiasco happened, TNA actually did do kind of a smart idea, by offering people six months free access to the TNA Video Vault. By putting up the two matches, granted it wasn't two of the best matches, but still, wrestling fans can get offended like you wouldn't believe for the most little minor thing. I admit, I'm one of them. And this sets a dangerous, dangerous tone, where people might not be inclined to buy Pay Per Views.

Of course, I'm sure the issues, whether or not they were out of the hands of Ring of Honor or not, as I said in the report, logic seldom matters to wrestling fans, has turned off a lot of people to the show. I couldn't see why ROH couldn't have offered those who proved that they bought the show the DVD of the full show at a reduced rate should they wanted it or such and such of a percentage off of the next Pay Per View. But they would have to work with Go Fight Live with that one.

So yeah, those matches, perhaps I'll watch them to amend my report but I doubt it. It is an intriguing solution from Ring of Honor and I do really think that they had to do something, but whether or not this was the right thing to make good, we'll find out soon I'm sure.

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