Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TNA Impact Spoilers From This Week

Well to say this was the lowest point Impact Wrestling has had would be rather pushing it to say the very least. However, the fact is there are no TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers this week really does tell you something. I've searched the Internet high for Impact Spoilers. I have searched the internet low for Impact Spoilers this week. I have searched all of the known sources, all of the not so known sources, and just came up absolutely empty.

The Missing TNA Impact Spoilers From This Week on April 5th 2012 and April 12th 2012

Obviously I'm sure some of you have gotten the fanciful idea in your head that TNA has found a way to prevent spoilers form leaking. Which is outlandish in so many ways  that I cannot even begin to even think about it. I don't know why people would even care to be honest with you. If you want to be spoiled, read the spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, then avoid anything about TNA until after that particular set of Impact tapings airs. The fact that anyone thinks that TNA has any ability to keep spoilers from leaking is obviously a moron. Then again given most TNA marks....anyway, what did you think they would do?

Club everyone on the back of the head with a mallet when they leave the Impact Zone. 

The reason is that WWE was in town for Wrestlemania 28, with RAW and Smackdown following and I'm sure that most fans went to those shows, because WWE is the show in town. Sorry TNA marks, but it's the truth, no matter how much improvement your show is, no matter how TV-14 it is and now PG WWE is, it will always be second rate at best. And many times over the years, TNA has been third, fourth, fifth...well you get the picture.

The fact is that anyone who cared enough about Impact Wrestling who would post spoilers went to WWE. And that left the crowd full of tourists and just people who I'm not sure have the mental ability to even write their name, never mind post any spoilers.

So Impact Spoilers don't exist. Which means I'm going to have to go in blind. Which also means that I won't be able to brace myself if there is something of questionable quality. Which means the Impact Wrestling review over the last couple of weeks will be fun.

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NateNitro said...

Contrary to popular belief, Impact Wrestling has been improving over the past 7 months. Also, there are plenty of perfectly rational TNA fans out there.

In fact, for a fair, funny, and balanced look at tonight's Impact, check out The Fight Network's "Review-An-Impact" podcast. You can download it Friday afternoon at the Fight Network's website.