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TNA House Show Results 04/27/12

TNA hit the road for a TNA Impact Wrestling Tour House Show from Kent Washington. All of the superstars of TNA were in action on this night. The TNA World Championship was on the line when Bobby Roode defended his championship against Rob Van Dam. Plus once again Matt Morgan takes a crack at the undefeated streak of Crimson. All of the TNA Impact Wrestling House Show action from Kent, Washington on April 27th 2012.

TNA Impact Wrestling House Show Results 4/27/12

Austin Aries successfully retained the TNA X-Division Championship against Zema Ion. Aries at this point, seems to be a bit above the X-Division Title, especially the way that TNA is presenting it these days, but I am at a loss to who can beat him. It isn't Ion for sure, who loses to a Brain Buster.

Gail Kim successfully hung onto her TNA Knockout's Title against Velvet Sky. Have really know idea who Gail Kim will ever lose the belt to either, unless TNA brings in some fresh talent. Gail Kim puts down Velvet Sky with the Eat Defeat for the pin.

The Motor City Machine Guns successfully scored the win over the duo of Daniels and Kazarian. Despite the fact that I think that Daniels is a shell of what he once was, this would be a match that I would like to see on television. Plus two actual tag teams in TNA, well until one of them splits up at least. The Guns pick up the win tonight in Kent.

Jeff Hardy picked up the win over Gunner. Gunner, talk about someone who has fallen right off of the radar of importance over the past year . Jeff Hardy seems to be lost in the shuffle a bit as well, but I'm sure he'll find his way into a storyline before too long. Jeff Hardy wins. 

Crimson remained undefeated against Matt Morgan. The odds that Crimson will randomly lose a match on television or a house show and TNA will still pretend he's undefeated are kind of high to be honest with you. I about bet this was like all of the Crimson and Matt Morgan matches, not the worst thing but rather passable.

Bobby Roode successfully retained the TNA World Championship over Rob Van Dam. Main event preview for the match at Sacrifice and RVD obviously won't be winning the title here. Fisherman Suplex gets the pin and Rob Van Dam lays out Roode to send the fans home from this live event happy.

There you have it. The results from the TNA House Show that took place from Kent Washington on April 27th 2012.

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