Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Impact Wrestling Preview 05/31/12

A brand new day will be for Impact Wrestling on May 31st 2012. Will it be a good day for the fans and the competitors of Impact Wrestling? We'll find out, as the long running professional show on Spike TV will be moving one hour earlier than normal for the first time on May 31st 2012 on Spike TV. Not only is it one hour earlier, but for each and every week for the foreseeable time, you can watch Impact Wrestling live.

As far as TNA is concerned, it does not get much bigger than this. One of the Franchise Players throughout the years of TNA take on one of their homegrown superstars. Sting will face on a man he knows very well, the TNA World Champion Bobby Roode. Roode broke the record for the longest running TNA Champion in history, but Sting is looking for redemption. Lumberjacks will be surrounding the ring for a Lumberjack Match.

As with each and every week, the TNA Television Championship will be defended, with the very fighting champion Devon will put the belt on the line. Who is Devon going to defend that championship against? Whoever the Impact Wrestling fans vote for. The four challengers have been announced, with Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Robbie E and Jeff Hardy.

Regardless Devon will defend the TNA Television Championship against whoever the fans are going to vote for.

Plus the daughter of the Hulkster, Brooke Hogan will show. An intriguing move on the part of Impact Wrestling but we will only have to wait and see.

Plus, if there has anything that the past ten years of TNA has taught us, there are big announces. There have been rumors floating around about a potential big signing or a huge announcement that will once again shake the very foundations of this show. Dixie Carter has hinted some big things and no doubt that will draw more and a few fans. Will they live up to the hype? We'll have to find out and see.

Don't forget, Impact Wrestling is live, no Impact Wrestling Spoilers for May 31st 2012, because Impact Wrestling on May 31st 2012 is live. One hour earlier, on Spike TV, don't miss it. As TNA moves into its second decade, there are a few fans who are waiting on the edge of their seat to see what happens.

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