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WWE Superstars 06/28/12 Review

WWE Superstars for June 28th 2012 is headlined by Heath Slater going one on one with Kane. Plus, Michael McGillicutty faces off with Kofi Kingston, Darren Young takes on Epico, and Camacho and Hunico take on the Usos. Let us write WWE Superstars 6/28/12 and run down all of the highlights.

WWE Superstars 6/28/12

First the results of WWE Superstars for June 28th 2012.

WWE Superstars 6/28/12 Results

Kofi Kingston pins Michael McGillicutty with the Trouble in Paradise

Darren Young pinned Epico with the Gutcheck after some help from Titus O'Neil.

The Usos won in tag team action over Hunico and Camacho

Kane won over Heath Slater with the Choke Slam

WWE Superstars 6/28/12 Review

Hype for the main event between Kane and Heath Slater starts up the show.

Kofi Kingston pinned Michael McGillicutty

Working with Tyson Kidd on NXT over the past few months has done McGillicutty some good and he has a pretty good match with Kofi. Back and forth action, with Kofi going for the Trouble in Paradise but McGillicutty avoids it. More back and forth action, with Kofi hitting the Trouble in Paradise right for the pin. Kofi Kingston opens up this week's edition of WWE Superstars with an impressive win over Michael McGillicutty.

Darren Young pinned Epico with the Gutcheck

A.W. brings out his Prime Time Players for Darren Young against Epico, who has Primo and Rosa Mendes out with him A.W. is on a headset microphone during the entire match, which gets kind of obnoxious right after a while. Young pulls out the Gutcheck for the finish after Titus O'Neil trips up Epico on the ropes. One of the Prime Time Players steals one this week on WWE Superstars.

The Usos defeated Camacho and Hunico

The Tag Team division continues to heat up. Matt Striker suggests the need of two referees for each tag team match. Shamelessly ripping off Gorilla Monsoon, I see, Striker. Jey Uso is caught in the corner but hot tags in. Jimmy runs wild but Hunico scores a close nearfall with his super victory roll. Rocket launcher style throw into a superkick on Hunico and the Usos pick up the win in tag team match.

No Holds Barred is re-released on DVD.

RAW Rebound between Chris Jericho and John Cena, with the Big Show getting involved from last Monday.

Kane defeated Heath Slater

Slater cuts a promo, talking about the recent old wrestlers stepping into "his spotlight." He's so hot, that he's on fire. And on cue, the pryo goes off. Heath Slater keeps temping fate. Kane destroys Slater which he gets some token office and Choke Slam.

A good opening match but the rest of the show for WWE Superstars for June 28th 2012 was hit and miss.

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