Saturday, July 7, 2012

TNA House Show 07/06/12 Results

TNA hit North Charleston South Carolina for a house show, headlined by Austin Aries squaring off agaisnt Bobby Roode. Plus two more matches in the Bound for Glory Series, when Jeff Hardy takes on Christopher Daniels and D'Angelo Dinero takes on Kurt Angle. Let us run down the results of the TNA House Show from North Charleston, South Carolina on July 6th 2012.

TNA House Show 7/6/12 Results from North Charleston, South Carolina

AJ Styles picked up the win over Gunner.

Miss Tessmacher kept her TNA Knockout's Title over Gail Kim.

James Storm pinned Kazarian with the Last Call.

Jeff Hardy scored the pin in a Bound for Glory Series over Christopher Daniels with a Twist of Fate. Jeff Hardy received seven points as a result of this win.

Kurt Angle makes D'Angelo Dinero tap out to the Ankle Lock in the Bound for Glory Series. Ten more points for Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode cuts another promo, claiming that he doesn't have to defend his title but he taunts Aries into putting his title shot on the line.

Austin Aries pinned TNA Champion Bobby Roode in a non title match, rolling him up in a small package. It should be interesting to see what they do at the Pay Per View, because TNA has booked themselves in the corner.

There you have it, TNA House Show Results from North Charleston South Carolina.

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