Thursday, July 5, 2012

WWE Superstars 07/05/12 Review

WWE Superstars on July 5th 2012 features Jack Swagger against Zack Ryder in the main event. Plus Titus O'Neil takes on Primo, Kofi Kingston is in action, and Antonio Cesaro takes on Alex Riley. Let us watch WWE Superstars 7/5/12.

WWE Superstars 7/5/12

First our results for WWE Superstars for this week.

WWE Superstars 7/5/12 Results

Primo pinned Titus O'Neil with a sunset flip.

Kofi Kingston pinned Rob Cabildo

Antonio Cesaro pinned Alex Rilley.

Zack Ryder pins Jack Swagger with the Rough Ryder.

WWE Superstars 7/5/12 Review

A.W. is out, representing All World Promotions, bringing out the next WWE Tag Team Champions, the Prime Time Players of Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. Last week, Darren Young beat Epico and tonight one on one, Primo takes on Titus O'Neil

Primo pinned Titus O'Neil

Once again, A.W. spends most of the match barking instructions. Titus gets a lot of offense but Primo manages to slip out of the back way. Sunset flip gets the pin and Primo scores the win. Primo picks up the win, much to the approval of Rosa Mendes. The Prime Time Players and A.W. are not too happy about this development.

Zack Ryder against Jack Swagger tonight on WWE Superstars. Also, the events of RAW featuring A.J., CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan.

Kofi Kingston defeated Rob Cabildo

Cabildo is a former three time Western Stages Heritage Amateur Wrestling Champion, according to Striker. Showcase match for Kofi against this enhancement talent, with the Trouble in Paradise scoring a win against Rob Cabildo.

Jack Swagger against Zack Ryder on WWE Superstars.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Alex Riley

Aksana is out with Cesaro as usual. Riley and Cesaro actually have a bit of an even match, with Cesaro slipping out of the fireman's carry and pulling out the Neutralizer on Riley for the pin on WWE Superstars.

RAW Rebound featuring A.J, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan is shown.

Zack Ryder pinned Jack Swagger

Another battle between these two and a good main event match, where they had some good sequences, especially towards the end. First Rough Ryder is avoided and Swagger hits a pump splash for a two count. Second rope Rough Ryder countered into the Ankle Lock by Swagger but Ryder sends him to the outside. Swagger enters the ring, right into the Rough Ryder for the pin. Zack Ryder picks up the win in this week's main event. The Patron Saint of WWE Superstars celebrates.

Ryder/Swagger was good per usual and the show was solid overall.

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