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Impact Wrestling Recap 08/03/12

TNA Impact Wrestling on August 3rd 2012 was headlined by a main event in the Bound for Glory Series with Kurt Angle taking on James Storm. In addition to that, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels throw Claire a babyshower. Plus more on the mystery of the Aces and Eights and Chavo Guerrero makes his debut in the ring. All this and more on Impact Wrestling 8/3/12.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results and Recap 8/3/12

We cut backstage where Bobby Roode and Zema Ion begin to brawl with Austin Aries and Kenny King. This spills over into the ring, and we open up things this week with tag team action.

Kenny King and Austin Aries take on Bobby Roode and Zema Ion. We have some pretty good action throughout this match. Aries is beaten down into the corner. Hot tag to Kenny King and King is a house of fire. Aries takes Roode to the floor and King plants Ion with  a slam swung into a rock bottom for the pin.

Kenny King and Austin Aries just defeated Bobby Roode and Zema Ion.

Roode says Aries did not pin him.

Here’s Sting to talk about Aces and Eights. Sting really should know about jumping to conclusions. James Storm is out to defend himself. Angle is out to point the finger. Sting makes the match tonight. We have a good segment.

We take a look at the Claire Lynch saga. AJ Styles is currently in Australian but Kazarian and Daniels are making fun of him.

Bully Ray now takes on Robbie E in the Bound for Glory Series. Robbie E looks like he wants a win but Bully Ray beats him down and hits him with the Bully Cutter to gain more points in the TNA Bound for Glory Series.

Bully Ray is your winner, with seven points in the Bound for Glory Series

Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Tara, and Mickie James fight for the number one contendership for the TNA Knockout’s Title Belt. Earl Hebner is the referee for this match. Madison Rayne scores the win with Hebner’s help. A rather fun little four way brawl between these women.

Madison Rayne become the number one contender for the TNA Knockout’s Title over Gail Kim, Tara, and Mickie James.

Bobby Roode cuts a promo. He was right about Storm being in Aces and Eights.

Brooke Hogan talks to Sting about her father. Then the Aces and Eights deliver their card, which kind of freaks Brooke out.

Hey, remember the TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Titles held by ODB and Eric Young? These things exist apparently. And now we have a problem with Eric Young being a man. Fun little segment regardless.

Chavo Guerrero hit the ring for his TNA debut against Kid Kash. A good match kicking off with a back and forth struggle. They hit a nice and fluid pace, with Kash gaining an advantage. Gunner tries to come out but Hernandez cuts him off at the pass. Chavo cuts in and Three Amigos sets up the Frog Splash.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Kid Kash with the Frog Splash.

Dixie Carter talks about the Claire thing and says that AJ would be wise to set the record straight. Well to be fair, he’s kind of looking bad in this thing and very much like the heel.

Kazarian and Styles have some presents for the baby shower.

Wes Briscoe, the son of Gerald Briscoe, is out to talk to Kurt Angle. Devon and Garrett Bischoff have Angle’s back. I’d be reassured with those two watching out for me, wouldn’t you?

Kazarian and Daniels throw Claire a baby shower. They give Claire a bunch of gifts, all of them which have something to do with AJ Styles. Whether it be action figures or dolls dressed up like AJ Styles, there are many gifts. Kazarian and Daniels continue their trolling. This segment kind of dragged as is this entire storyline, but really,

Next week D’Angelo Dinero faces Rob Van Dam on Impact Wrestling in the Bound for Glory Series.

Main event time on Impact Wrestling, and this one featured James Storm squaring off against Kurt Angle in a Bound for Glory Series Match. Last Call is avoided Angle beats on Storm, but Storm fires back. Vicious DDT gets a close nearfall. Angle fights back, right into the Ankle Lock. Both men duel over the move and James Storm hits the Last Call for the pin. Epic little match to close things out.

James Storm pinned Kurt Angle to gain seven points in the Bound for Glory Series and take the lead.

Bobby Roode is out to taunt James Storm and says that he’s still in Aces and Eights. Austin Aries runs out and gets in to a fight with Bobby Roode and that’s the show.

Some good solid stuff this week on Impact Wrestling, but let’s hope that it continues the trend.  

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