Friday, August 3, 2012

Thoughts on Aces and Eights Storylines

The current Aces and Eights storyline in TNA Impact Wrestling seems to have a lot of perils to many other stables in wrestling. There would be some obvious vibes to the New World Order which would cause many people to start thinking a lot of the time. Also the random attacks behind them would lead to one to believe that they would be in the Nexus. Plus the slightly shadow undertones managed by some higher power would be the Corporate Ministry.

Three storylines started with promise but they went off of the rails for entirely different reasons. Greed and not showing any impatience can really be the downfall of many well placed business plans.

The New World Order storyline was one of the biggest storylines right in wrestling. This storyline succeed in a big way and sparked a wrestling boom. Yet it being derailed lead to a chain of events that could be tied into the broken state of wrestling. The evil forces of corporate greed and trying to get more mileage out of an idea kind of screwed this storyline.

Eric Bischoff had some interesting ideas in his head. I think that he still does, even if those contributions to wrestling flew off of the rails. I think that he has a mere childish stubbornness and the refusal to take blame for his past mistakes. His constant mocking of the “Internet Wrestling Community” demonstrates an inability to change with the times. His mocking of “dirt sheets” indicates a mask of misdirection where he tries to hide behind his own mistakes.

His childish desire and greed derailed the New World Order storyline. That set off a chain of events that killed WCW. This little greed caused Vince McMahon to own a monopoly that he could do what he wanted. To mainstream fans WWE is wrestling. John Cena is a corporate puppet, who obviously does care about the fans, the business, and has been misguided from something with more potential into a marketing gimmick.  

The Corporate Ministry storyline is interesting, as it manifested from several elements.

1) Lex Luger jumps to Nitro, which is Eric Bischoff’s grand vision of wrestling.
2) Thus Luger’s jump lead to Madusa jumping later and throwing the WWF Women’s title in the trash can.
3) Hall and Nash go over, New World Order is formed. The seeds plant right into Vince McMahon’s head about the more adult direction. Vince Russo helps it along, but he has a short attention span and a desire to be smarter than he really is.
4) Bret Hart is resigned for the famous twenty year deal with the creative control
5) Hart Foundation storyline sets the ball rolling for the Attitude Era
6) Vince screws Bret. Whether or not Bret Hart deserves it, it is irreverent.
7) Vince McMahon manifests into dorky blue suit announcer Vince until Mr. McMahon
8) Austin’s rise sparked from his feud with Bret leads to the Austin versus McMahon dynamic
9) Undertaker gets pulled along for the ride, which leads to Undertaker versus Austin feud.
10) Corporate Ministry is formed.

The problem is Vince McMahon was made the Higher Power for the sake of a serve. Vince Russo always had some signs of ADHD , much like a hyperactive child. Sometimes children gorge themselves on sugar and make a ton of mistakes. Russo overindulges on swerves and causes him not to be able to slow down. Patience is the key to long term building.

Then there was the failed Invasion, the Brand Extension, and every other bad thing that came along with it. Then there was the Nexus storyline. This storyline held a lot of new promise. Granted it had a load of holes right in it from the beginning. There was much promise but obviously that went off of the rails completely.

John Cena won over Wade Barrett, after fighting the odds at every turn. Again, this makes WWE money, so you cannot fault them too much. Yet at the same time, catering to the whims of the children really limited the potential of the storyline.

The current Aces and Eights storyline really represents hope and promise. Yet it can go off of the rails in so many ways. Oddly enough we’ve come full circle. It might jump start another boom or sink wrestling further into the ground.

If only certain people would learn from their mistakes. 

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