Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WWE RAW 08/20/12 Recap

WWE RAW for August 20th 2012 featured the events of the night after WWE Summerslam. The Wrestling Emporium will run down the good, the bad, and the ugly in this review for the flagship show Monday Night's of World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE RAW 08/20/12 Review.

A concise recap and rundown of the results are available in the corresponding WWE RAW tab of this Blog.

The Good.

Ziggler against Chris Jericho was a good match once again. Jericho left to be on tour with Fozzy but he may be back. Ziggler needed that win.

The Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman promo to open up the show was rather good.

The CM Punk/John Cena/Jerry Lawler promo at the end of RAW just barely made this column. Jerry Lawler against CM Punk would be a compelling match and there's a chance we would see that one on a throwaway RAW.

Shanw Michaels had a nice little promo.

Opening six man tag team match had many great moments. The Sin Cara against Cody Rhodes feud should be interesting.

The Bad.

Ryback against two jobbers and Damien Sandow against Brodus Clay both served their purposes, but were obvious padding.

The Zack Ryder and Kane against Daniel Bryan and the Miz was a mess. This particular RAW Match was not bad enough to be awful.

Randy Orton against Alberto Del Rio was fine but the World Championship scene just feels stale.

The Ugly.

The fact RAW was three hours will be in this section.

The divas battle royal was awful much like most diva battle royals.

Tout was shoved down our throats again. Again, this will likely feature in this section every week.

Overall, the three our WWE RAW was once again a mixed bag. There was some solid stuff that would make a really good ninety minute wrestling show. Once we go to three hours, we have trouble and a lot of trouble as it turns out.

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