Friday, August 24, 2012

WWE Superstars 08/23/12 Review

WWE Superstars for August 23rd 2012 featured three matches. In this review, the Wrestling Emporium will go down the good, the bad, and the ugly for this show. A full and more concise recap has been linked in the WWE Superstars tab at the top of your page.

WWE Superstars 08/23/12 Review.

The Good.

Justin Gabriel against Cody Rhodes was a fun little main event match with some epic psychology. Rhodes worked the arm. Gabriel had some nice little high flying offense right out through this match. In the end, he was foiled.

Damien Sandow continued to really shine on the microphone. Yoshi Tatsu was the perfect opponent for him. Sandow had some impressive moves and hopefully will move to that Intercontinental/United States Title level before too long.

The Bad.

Drew McIntyre against Alex Riley just did not do it for me. McIntyre continued to get buried something fierce. The finish was out of nowhere and Riley scored a win. This bout was intriguing to show who rested where on the WWE Pecking Order.

The Ugly.

WWE has yet another show on Saturday Mornings on the CW at 9:00 AM Eastern time. That show goes against both Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice in the fall. Therefore, that's not going on my must watch list. Then again NXT and ROH are so close to going on the boycott pile as well with Smackdown because those shows are getting to be a bit useless these days.

Matt Striker dragged Scott Stanford down as usual. His commentary really has gotten bad. They should throw Regal on Superstars with Stanford, that would have made an interesting commentary duo.

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